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Technology and Operations Management

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Essay, Pages 5 (1201 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1201 words)

Project management is the process by which all operations in a company are evaluated during production to ensure quality and conformity with the standards and customers requirements leading to improved customer production. Companies may practice project management but in an ineffective way leading to losses or failures in the projects (D’Mello, 2008).

In workplaces, it is necessary that project management be carried out in all projects undertaken to ensure success through identifying any defects in time to find a remedy for them.

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Technology use is a way of improving productions. Information or technology-based systems can be used to measure quality in production operations.

Concepts in project Management and to apply them in workplace
Company ABC has practiced project management in trying redesign severally and merging with other companies to ensure sustainability in the competitive market. ABC has integrated its operations and trained its employees on policies, procedures and new systems but all in vein since the system functionalities were difficult to master leading to its rejection.

The system reliability was doubted and the convectional system that was inefficient continued being operational leading increased losses and threats to the company (Protiviti Inc. & APICS, 2003). Goods were not inspected, a lot of paperwork led to poor quality productions due to difficulty in managing user requirements leading to inaccuracies or errors as associated with traditional production techniques in most companies

ABC would have carried out thorough trainings for the members of the company to understand well the functionality of the new system and its importance as compared to the traditional one.

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Moreover, system design should have been done internally to enable users to be familiar with the system and ensure their views or requirements as the intended users depending on their capabilities are incorporated.

This would have led to little training and user development requirements leading to acceptance of the system in the company (D’Mello, 2008). Operations integrations or redesigning a system in a company should be well planned for and all stakeholders involved to work as a team to achieve the company goal or objective.

In XYZ Company, there is project management done in terms of how much should be spent on various operations in the company. XYZ Company prefers local resources for production and produces in bulk for stocking. XYZ has been competitive in the market and aims at producing new and unique products in the market before the competitors.

XYZ has managed its information and practice quality productions or innovations secretly to prevent its competitors from leaking its information and ensuring that the product is introduced in to the market over night by the sale and marketers (Protiviti Inc. & APICS, 2003).

This in like any company, secrecy will lead to competitive advantage if practiced by highly innovative companies. This is because the company will always come up with unique and quality products in the markets before the competitors leading increased sales revenue and market growth (D’Mello, 2008).

XYZ did not work with demand schedules or plans but based its production efficiency on delivery time through implementation of quality delivery metrics leading to inefficiencies in operations. Even though the new products were successful in the markets, they never met customer satisfactions in terms of quantity to meet the market demands (Protiviti Inc. & APICS, 2003).

In workplaces people may tend to achieve what they want through trial and errors but not as efficient as it would have been if it were well planned. XYZ ought to have planned well for the targeted market size to ensure the productions meet customer satisfaction. It is also necessary to carryout a market research to know customer requirements to improve customer services and to avoid losses that may result from product rejection (D’Mello, 2008).

XYZ decided to improve customer services to maintain the customers by replacing spoilt or damaged products in the markets and varying prices to suit customer needs leading to increased sales volumes (Protiviti Inc. & APICS, 2003). In workplaces, managers may decide to come up with strategies through which customer satisfactions may be improved. Companies may offer free samples, after sales services and even replacement of damaged goods to retain customers. Sales and marketers may lower prices or vary the prices depending on market rates to increase their sales (D’Mello, 2008).

Record keeping of the stocks movements or financial operations is necessary and should be done an orderly manner to help in decision-making or strategic planning in the company. According to Stewart (2003), project management can be applied in all projects whether in large or small or companies, large or small projects, industrial or personal projects.

Project management can be applied in developing products such as train, which requires efficiency based on its capacity, speed, comfortability and many other requirements depending with the users. A train has been developed to have the same speed as an aircraft leading to cost effectiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

 This train will cater for customers who cannot afford aircrafts charges but require faster reachability to places. In workplaces, project management may lead to new product development that offers alternative or improved services to customers leading to improved customer satisfaction (D’ Mello, 2008).

A train may be developed to have dinning areas as required by most customers as a way to attract more customers particularly families by offering meals within when traveling. Communication services such as phones should be available. In most modernized trains, technology use has been facilitated to allow the pilot to operate it automatically using the coded programs or software in the computers systems (Stewart, 2003).

Technology use enhances efficiency leading to reduced accidents. In workplaces, technology has been used to enhance communication and production leading to improved quality and customer satisfaction. When a train is built and has very little users, there is most likely to be cost inefficiency.

This is because it will be a loss investing in a project that does not meet its requirement.  In workplaces, it is advisable that the projects are managed to ensure that the product produced is cost effective and meets customer requirements for quality (D’Mello, 2008).

Project management is essential in all projects to ensure success in terms of cost and customer satisfaction. Companies are faced with many challenges in the markets and are therefore required to develop strategies by which they can attain sustainability in the markets. Technology investment can be used to facilitate project management. Investment in technology will ensure quality productions to improve customer satisfactions.

Project management involves monitoring and controlling all operations in the company to ensure quality in productions leading to profit maximization and loss reduction. In workplaces, workers have carried out different management practices to ensure continuity of the business (Jacobs & Chase, 2008).

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