Technology and newspaper Essay

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Technology and newspaper

In the modern world of technology and globalization, the urge to build up a strong and reliable information network is of cardinal importance to human beings. While Internet has been playing bigger and bigger part in the transmission of information and knowledge, many people believe that newspapers will soon become a thing of the past. I strongly disagree with the statement as I believe papers will remain a reliable, convenient and widespread means of the media in the foreseeable future.

First and foremost, newspapers will not fall into oblivion due to their superior authenticity. Obviously, people will still need broadsheets of which strict censorship is imposed. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy social, political or economic editorials of prominent journalists whose contents are factual and convincing. What’s more, it is newsletters, not the Internet, which are the official communicative tools of the authorities. In this way, they will always provide readers with articles from an authoritative source of information.

Secondly, all dailies will perform their role as a most handy way of data spread and entertainment. To begin with, newspapers, rather than the Internet, are present at all corners of the world, serving people of all races and classes. Undoubtedly, they will be of useful benefit to raising social awareness of daily events. Moreover, because papers can easily be fetched from one place to another, people can enjoy them wherever they need.

In fact, readers can flick through some pages of a magazine when they travel to work in buses, coaches or the subway. Last but not least, with the help of high-tech, broadsheets will become more and more widespread. First of all, Internet itself facilitates the growth in popularity of all papers by means of online press. Today, with only a few clicks, you may get to know about a well-known newsletter in its website and later become taking out an annual subscription.

Furthermore, latest progress in printing technology now enables editors to foster more diversity in both contents and forms. Hence, papers will stand better chances to step up their circulation. To conclude, with all of their decisive advantages over the Internet, newspapers will play a crucial role in journalism. It is recommended that authorities should invest more in technology to enhance the quality of this kind of information conveyance.

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