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“Engineering or technology is all about using the power of science to make life better for people, to reduce cost, to improve comfort, to improve productivity.”

Since from my childhood I am completely amazed to know how the mankind is evolved technologically from stone weapons to a modern day supercomputer. Due to tremendous development in the industrialization and the mechanical sector I drew my attention towards mechanical engineering. I was always eager to know about the design, construction and application of the machines and also I wondered what exactly happens inside these machines and the reasons for high precision and accuracy.

so I decided to apply for diploma in mechanical engineering wherein I have learnt the use of engineering, mathematics, material science and physics for designing, analyzing, manufacturing and maintaining the mechanical systems with best of my ability. This has given me the exceptional opportunity to apply to the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from your esteemed university which will be the crucial thing in addition of my knowledge and the best platform for the achievement of my future goals.

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I believe that it’s impossible for man to live without a machine in today’s world. I am always looking for ideas that can be innovated in machines which can make human life simpler and sophisticated. I am always in search of betterment of humankind by the aid of technology which motivated me to be a mechanical engineering. I frequently visited a lot of industries and machine workshops which influenced me and helped me to retain my determined interest in this field and I pursued my diploma in mechanical engineering.

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My innate interest in mechanical engineering and due to my impressive performance in the entrance exam I secured a seat in mechanical diploma in Institute of technology pune which comes under “MSBTE” Maharashtra state board of technical education. My diploma in this field has helped me significantly in gaining knowledge in subjects like thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, fluid mechanics, automobile engineering, theory of machines, and design of machines etc. along with exposure to practical knowledge in dealing with machines like lathe machine, milling machine and CNC machinery which proved to be very crucial and essential. I also got numerous opportunities to attend industrial visits like, milk processing plant at katraj pune, where I got a sound knowledge about the boilers. I also visited a gear manufacturing and corrugation box manufacturing unit during my academic year which proved supplement to my knowledge in the mechanical field. Due to my affection towards this field and keen interest in mechanical engineering I have consistently scored more than distinction (above 75%) throughout my entire curriculum in every semester. Also in practical examination I got more than 80% aggregate. Nowadays with increase in use of computers I have also underwent career enhancing programs like AUTOCAD and CATIA which helped me learn about various design aspects of machine components.

Today we find that energy is a major issue and the mechanical systems consume a lot of energy and power, to overcome this problem solar energy should be widely used which is the form of renewable energy sources and it is the best option. So I opted to solar panel technician program which was conducted by NSDC “Government of India” and successfully completed it. In this course immense knowledge about the use solar energy and how does it functions. Moreover we can utilize the solar power to reduce power consumption of huge industries.

I have also completed Mechatronics for plc. Based atomization and scada program from “COEP” COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PUNE. Which has enhanced my knowledge in production department of engineering, wherein I understood the use of atomization for mass production and machinery. I feel that this knowledge is true treasure for me because I have learnt the atomization and programming concepts which are the most important part in mechanical systems and industries.

Owing to my keen interest in manufacturing department I submitted a project in the final year named “home utility plastic recycler”. This project is the model which is suitable for domestic use and in this machine household plastic trash can be easily recycled without any harm to the surrounding. It contains a shredder unit which is used to crush the plastic waste and injection molding machine which melts the crushed plastic and pours it into the mold. I was applauded by the department professors and mechanical HOD for this appealing concept of project. This project gave me a huge experience which is unforgettable.

In the winter 2018 I got exposure to industrial work environment when I did my in plant training in the India’s well known company aqua energy components Pvt Ltd. Wherein I got the opportunity to work in mineral water bottling plant it was atomized bottling plant and the concept of parison bottle through a blow molding process from the manufacturing process subject was utilized there which I understood practically. My efforts for increasing the production rate through certain changes in the PLC and its programming was very helpful for the company and I got appreciation from the company. It was immense pleasure for working in this company and it has helped to gain a lot knowledge.

Now hereafter I feel that bachelor degree in this stream will be helpful in achieving the proficiency in this stream, I feel the need of higher education after exploring all other option I feel that your prestigious university is the best option for me. At this point of my career, I feel that I should have supplementary knowledge in mechanical engineering and degree in this stream which can give me considerable confidence for standing on my own feet. I hereby show keen interest and desire in pursing bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from your esteemed university which will help me to withstand vast competition and socialize will equip me by providing comprehensive skills in mechanical stream.

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I am aware that pursing this course requires a very high level of intelligence and immense sacrifice along with dedication and focus, I am fully confident that I have the capability to contribute positively towards your prestigious university and with a great hope I am awaiting for your kind act of accepting me into fold and granting me the admission’s to my desired course.

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