Technology and Ecology: Inventions with 3D Printer That Will Surprise You 

As we have already seen in other articles of the series of eco-events, green entrepreneurship is here to stay. And is that more and more startups that combine technology and ecology to create biodegradable objects, save energy or facilitate access to water.

Undoubtedly, additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a breakthrough technology that has become very popular in recent years. 3D printers have given a new meaning to that old motto that said ‘do it yourself’ (do it yourself), so much so that what began as a hobby for makers, advanced connoisseurs and people who love technology has been gaining space in the professional and personal field.

In this article we tell you some inventions developed with 3D printers designed from the point of view of sustainability.

SimCity, the Aquatic Neighborhood Printed in 3D

Can you imagine living a houseboat created by a printer? The Swedish architectural firm Belatchew Labs with the support of the Swedish Government has devised a project to build floating ecological houses using 3D printing technology in concrete.

The houses are distributed on the surface of the water, an extra space that is reused to urbanize, which allows building depending on demand and take advantage of different forms of renewable energy production such as currents or waves.

What material does the 3D printer use to build a habitable building? Well, nothing less than waste from the construction sector that is recycled creating a new concrete that is printed in 3D, in a process of ecological and economically sustainable use.

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In addition, the construction process is reduced in time, it is safer and less demanding in materials and labor. Pure circular economy.

Your Electric Car Will Be Printed in 3D

Driving was never as ecological as doing the LSEV, the first electric car printed using 3D technology. The Italian company X Electrical Vehicle along with the Chinese Polymaker have devised this model that combines technology and ecology at the service of sustainable urban mobility.

The vehicle can be printed in just 3 days and allows unlimited customization, reducing by 90% the use of plastics and other materials, and all for less than $ 10,000.

Wood Houses Printed in 3D

The Danish architecture studio Eentileen, in collaboration with Facit Homes digital fabrication specialists, is manufacturing Villa Asserbo, a house of more than one hundred square meters that can be printed and assembled.

To build this house it is not necessary to have heavy machinery or many workers: promoters say that two people can build the house within six weeks. What material does the 3D printer use to build this peculiar home? Apart from the wood, the architects have used steel in the structures and glass for the windows, reducing the number of polluting materials with the aim of integrating harmoniously with the environment.

In this way, the house does not rest on a concrete base, but is raised by bolted pillars, which facilitates that it can be dismantled, moved to another place and reassembled. In addition, it uses solar energy as a heating system.

As you can see, the applications that 3D printing offers are limited by your imagination. Do you know an eco-event with 3D printers? We would love for you to share it in the comments.

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