Technology and Communication Essay

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Technology and Communication

Through time, technology has allowed the creation and development of new mechanism that furthered the facilitation of communication. From its traditional model, it has transcended into a medium that relentlessly tries to overcome boundaries and hindrances. It is with this facet that the process of imparting and communicating messages becomes easier and favorable for people and groups. By understanding the dimensions of what technology and communication can do to the overall environment, it can help provide and implement programs that maximizes the necessary objectives for growth and development.

Communication in general looks into the way how individuals and groups interact with one another whether formally or informally. Under this component, it also signifies that by having the effective parameters for dialogue, it can provide the needed areas for change (Thomas, 2000). By seeking to intensify modes of communication, it can harness the necessary avenues for active learning and improvement. It is through this that technology becomes significant in pursuing this. One significant and positive impact of technology in communication is that it widened the parameters where it can be facilitated and provided.

This action furthers the necessary components leading to the diversification of how communication is imparted among individuals and groups (Cuel, 2002). At the same time, with the development of new programs and software in the realm of information and communication technology (ICT), it was able to overcome the geographic boundaries leading to increased capability to decipher data accordingly. Another capability that technology has provided man is its ability to intensify the manner in which communication can be understood and developed.

In the past years, new methods and practices have arisen that gave emphasis on what models can intensify areas of dialogue and conversation (Lynn, 2006). Moreover, with the introduction of the Internet, it further maximized the ability of individuals to cooperate and establish relationships with one another. It is through this that the factors of change became possible despite hindrances caused by language, geographical boundaries and time differences (Orelowitz, 2007). In the realm of verbal communication, technology diversified new ways wherein individuals and groups can actively interact with one another.

It introduced significant elements such as VOIP and other related mechanisms that enabled verbal interaction become available despite differences in location and time (Orelowitz, 2007). At the same time, the proliferation of different SMS and messaging systems furthered this capability to overcome these specified boundaries. With the aide of mobile phones and the Internet, it has generated the necessary outcomes significant for improvement and development to foster. On the other hand, technology also provided significant benefits for non-verbal communication.

With the aide of technology, it allowed the creation and proliferation of information in the Internet that showcased areas that provides the significance and importance of the concept. Likewise, it allows the provision of training by generating important videos and presentations that aims to maximize and understand how non-verbal communication can impact a particular group or workplace (Cuel, 2002). By using different technological mediums, it can increase appreciation and grasp of the topic.

Despite its given and prescribed constructive contribution to growth and development, implications and problems continue to be manifested especially in further facilitation of applying technology in communication. Despite the wide proliferation of models and practices, it lacks the facilitation of education that can maximize the potential of these instruments (Lynn, 2006). Seeing this there needs to be new ways and avenues wherein dissemination and distribution be made accordingly.

At the same time, educational institutions must continue to provide updated and new ways to teach how technology benefits communication. One process that can help this is by introducing mechanisms for dialogue and interaction during an early phase (Thomas, 2002). Together with this, there should be a significant amount of ideas presented that seeks to inform and solidify the grasp of the topic. In the end, technology allowed the transformation of communication by diversifying and widening the avenues wherein it can be facilitated and administered.

This tenet not only allowed individuals to transcend beyond physical boundaries but also generated an effective and efficient way to facilitate both verbal and non-verbal communication process. To conclude, individuals and groups need to be responsive to the trends and needs of today’s society. Though technology has shown significant improvements in the way it facilitates communication, there still are setbacks and hindrances that impede its further development and improvement. By addressing these issues accordingly, man can become adaptive and dynamic to new trends and concerns of the 21st century.

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