Technologies Utilized to Facilitate Group Communication Essay

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Technologies Utilized to Facilitate Group Communication

Effective group communication is important to ensure all deadlines and goals are met. There are many forms of technology that we can use to effectively and successfully communicate amongst the group. The use of technology to communicate to facilitate group communication has its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Three technologies that might be utilized to facilitate group communication are email, mobile phone i. e. phone calls or text messages, and internet i. e. University’s discussion forum, social networks, and video conferencing.

The most effective ways for a particular group depends on the methods the group has decided to communicate. The two sources of communication involving technology are mobile phones and computers with access to the internet. With these two items, each individual will have to exchange phone numbers, emails, and if relevant social network names. It is vital to have multiple ways to communicate. This helps in ensuring multiple communication paths, which increases the chances that an individual will receive information as well as be able to deliver information.

The use of email is a professional way of communicating information. The use of a mobile phone to call or text and an individual is the last resort if that person has not been responding to the discussion forum or emails. If they decide to occasionally use social networks or video chatting to discuss assignments and most likely for networking purposes mixing business with pleasure. It is good to have a good relationship with each group member. This form of technology would be the method of doing so.

Even though using technology to communicate appears to be the most efficient way to communicate, it still offers disadvantages. The advantages of utilizing technology are very evident, while the disadvantages may not be that evident. Advantages of the use of technology allow us to communicate effectively even though we are miles apart. It allows us to express our thoughts without having to be face-to-face. Technology gives us an opportunity to work on and share a document. It puts us in a universal location without physically being there.

Basically technology provides us with the tools necessary to have effective group communication, whether we are in the same physical location or across the world. With every advantage of utilizing technology come disadvantages. Even if communication is effective, an individual may feel as if they are not getting their point across like that intend to. This could cause them to be less effective communicating. This may occur just for the simple fact they may be better at face-to-face communication.

Another disadvantage is everyone has different schedules and times they are available. This creates a lag in communication. The biggest and most apparent disadvantage is that technology has the possibility to fail at any time. This would put a halt to our communication. Even with disadvantages, technology is an efficient and effective way to communicate within a group. For the simple fact each individual has different schedules and allow them to be at the same place at the same time without being there physically.

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