Technological Impact on Service Sector Essay

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Technological Impact on Service Sector

Given the complexity of today’s business requirements and the focus on core compitencies most of the services need more efficient and innovative way of doing transactions.Computer equipments, Electronic transaction processing systems and Mobile commerce can be made use of to improve the efficiency of services. In the past most of the services were doing in a manual way and it could be time and money consumed method as well as it was a inefficient way of providing service to customer. With the invention of computer equipments most of the activities which engaging with services are performing in a sophisticated maner without wasting customers valuable time and money.

With further development of technology Electronic transaction processing systems came to the market. Electronic transaction system is one of the most crucial requirement for the banks and for an enterprise for scaling it’s operations and reducing cost.Furthermore, with the development of the technology now a days most of the service providers using mobile commerce to be make transactions efficient and innovative way.Banks, payment processors and merchants have started taking early steps toward enabling mobile commerce through mobile sites. Followings are the different usage of mobile commerce to providing efficient services to customers.

Mobile Ticketig

Northwest Airlines has announced that customers can now purchase tickets, check – in for flights, and complete any transaction on its website via handheld devices and wireless brousers, such as Blackberrys and treos.

Power of SMS

SMS is playing a vital role in mobile commerce development. One is as a method of order and point – of – sales capture. This is great when you have walking salespeople, because the orders can be placed automatically instead of waiting to be collected and brought back. Adding an element of spontaneous buying to web and mobile commerse is another method. The notion of spontaneous buying has always been missing from web commerce, which is very much a search and directed activity.

And all of sudden SMS is now being used to capture that spontaneous buying behavior. SMS attributes have made it a phenomenal success in developing economies around the world.In underdeveloped markets such as philippppines, where internet penetration and fixed land line density is relatively low, the introduction of a nationwide cellular network coupled with the relative ease and affordability of obtaining a mobile phone has helped SMS leapfrog into the forefront.

Mastercard too

With pilot programs running in twelve different places around the world, Mastercard Inc. is exploring ways to tap the growing mobile payments market. It is doing experimental trials with phone companies and banks to see how consumers could start using their debit and credit cards to make electronic payments over their cell phones. With all above given developments we can assure that technology will help us to leap from stone age directly to the mobile era……

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