Techniques Used in Stolen Essay

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Techniques Used in Stolen


‘To tan or not to tan’
Title itself is symbolic of her confusion – ‘I’m black’ versus ‘milky white skin’. Through dramatic monologue Anne expresses her true feelings to the audience.

‘Am I Black or white?’
The repetitive chant of ‘who do you think you are?’ of various white and black choices captures Anne


‘Hiding Sandy’ (p3)
Repetitive chorus of ‘Always on the run’ to emphasize Sandy’s lack of identity and security and struggle to have a stable sense of his own identity – where he belongs, who he belongs to.

‘Sandy’s Story of the Mungee’ (p10)
Sandy’s story is an allegory in the oral tradition for the Stolen Generation. The ‘Mungee’ turned into pale skin and that was his punishment. People would know. People would never forget . Sandy has culture. He uses stories as a way of coping with bad circumstances. This builds his self esteem and reinforces his identity.

‘Sandy at the end of the road’
‘I’m going back. Home. That bit of red desert… I’m going to catch that fish’ Sandy is finally at peace with where he is, who he is, what he is doing. The ‘bit of red desert’ symbolizes home and belonging, his very identity. ‘Catching the fish’ symbolizes his capacity to stop running – he’s now in control, not the authorities!


‘Shirley knits for family’ (p19)
Stage directions in performance: ‘Shirley has big bag of knitting that she lays out-from small to large’. The clothes symbolize all the years her children were stolen; she’s still their mother. A piece is missing or fractured in her identity.

‘Shirley Never Gives Up Searching’
The repetition Shirley’s voice asking after her children is enhanced by the lighting, where she is ‘isolated, spotlit’. The dramatic techniques highlight her emotional anguish and the fact she is suffering, all alone, with no support. Until she is re-united with her children, her identity is a perpetual.

‘Shirley’s Come Full Circle’
The dramatic monologue is powerful because the audience gets an insight into Shirley’s full range of emotions. We see the ingained pain: ‘The nurse come

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