Technical Writing Fundamental Essay

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Technical Writing Fundamental

When evaluating the chosen manual several criteria were utilized which I believe are important elements in order for it to be effective see below. * Must be legible and easy to navigate through

* The audience must be taken in consideration which means that it has to address all the needs of the audience * The instructions need to be easy to follow and have clarity to the intended audience. * It also must include background that the users can easily understand. * Correctness of the manual, punctuation, grammar.

When accessing the manual for Pyle Pro (PWMA-230) operating instruction the first thing that sticks out in my observation is how readable the manual presents itself in a legible form that the reader can understand. The font’s size and style are appropriate for the manual this allows the reader little effort when viewing it which gives a better comprehension that makes it easily understood of the set of instructions. As it pertains to navigation of the manual there isn’t anything that is special or unique from many other manuals that you would see, just a matter of flipping the pages and following the explanation of what the equipment Intel’s. The manual I believe appears to address the intended audience needs appropriately. I take from the manual that the instructions are intended for average users of the amplifier who only want practical knowledge of how to operate the product.

This manual describes the proper was of operating the amplifier without going into great detail and not allowing itself to have to get into a technical discussion that the user does not really care about anyway. As I read the manual one thing that really stuck out to me was the correctness of the manual there was the misspelled word “don’t”, throughout the “Remarks” section. Since this is an official document for the company its shows unprofessionalism by the preparer when they didn’t proofread to ensure that the correct grammar and punctuation was not utilized. The writer should know the correct rules or exactly what grammatical terms are expected to be used at all times.

The background information about the product has many “don’t” that pertain to the products is very disappointing because of the misspelled word “don’t” which makes it a little harder to concentrate on what it is trying to convey to the reader. The warning to me are a little exhaustive with the exception of the dangers of opening the chassis or putting ones hand inside the chassis can be dangerous, the others are pretty much self- explanatory in my opinion. Throughout the manual it does include descriptions of the various amplifier components and diagrams of the product.

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