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Technical Writing

Capstone Proposal Summary

Insurance Proposal Maker Is insurance proposal template web software allows you to generate a professional personal or commercial insurance proposal for free and within minutes instead of hours. Simply fill out Insurance Proposal Form online and get a proposal in PDF format. If you are an Insurance Agent and want to present a Professional Insurance Proposal to your potential client, our service is a necessity for your agency! Our Insurance Proposal Software will mainly design for Insurance Agents, and is one of the easiest insurance proposals making system you will ever use. You just have to fill out some basic information in a form and our Insurance Proposal Template does the rest. You can create the custom template and save them for later use. The system can handled multiple type of insurance, which includes as follows

Personal Auto
Home Owners
Commercial Auto
Commercial Insurance
Umbrella Policy

The system will facilitate the user to customize the templates according to their business needs. Since it will be a database driven application they can keep their changes for later use. They can search and can manage their clients. The system dashboard will help the users to keep an eye on upcoming client’s payment or past due payment. A user will keep track of all the policies and will help them to follow up with the potential clients to resolve any concerns if they have. The system will provide a comprehensive management module, which will include from managing templates, accounts, users and companies. The main purpose for making this an online solution so that user can carry out their activities from anywhere. The can create edit and download their client’s templates and quotes on fly. Insurance proposal maker software does not need to be complicated and confusing.

Review of Other Work

To achieve my goals I first understand the business process and sit with my friends who are actually running the insurance agencies. I understand the challenges they faced on daily basics and the customized requirement from their clients. They like to have a comprehensive application, which supports their entire business requirement. Then I began my research by looking at other insurance proposal making websites like “6th Sense proposal” and “Quote Roller” to see what is missing.

I have found both applications doesn’t provide dynamic template support which is in high demand by clients, also the applications are not database driven, there is no way of keeping track of records and history since user like to keep track of proposal so that they can follow-up with their potential clients, no search support, no management modules to manage policies and etc. My goal is to provide the complete web based solution by using the latest web based controls and sql database on a back end. Because designing the database is a core element in building a solid web application, I came across a very good article by Louis Davidson. He has been in the IT industry for 15 years as a corporate database developer and data architect. Davidson (2007) says that:

“If database design is done right, then the development, deployment and subsequent performance in production will give little trouble. A well-designed database ‘just works’. There are a small number of mistakes in database design that causes subsequent misery to developers, managers, and DBAs alike.” For designing the comprehensive web solution, I did a lot of research and read different article one of the article, which really guides me into right direction, was by Stefan (2012) that:

“In today’s interconnected world, websites play an integral part in the branding and marketing of every company. A web design mistake will directly affect your customer relationship and can have a negative impact upon your business.”

Garanti Bank Turkey’s second largest private bank, wanted to increase productivity, enhance insight, and save money while maintaining 99.999 percent availability. To achieve this, the bank upgraded 500 databases to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and replaced mirrored configurations with SQL Server 2012 availability groups. As a result, the organization boost IT efficiency by more than 30 percent, reduced expenses, accelerated performance by 70 percent, and increased agility and competitiveness. Manager of Open System Databases at Garanti Bank Nazlica(2012) says that: “With SQL Server, we expect to increase the efficiency of IT personnel by more than 30 percent. We will also reduce costs by increasing hardware utilization and streamlining IT processes”

The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd. is a community-based bank with headquarters in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. To better meet the needs of its customers and to support expansion inside and outside Japan, the Bank of Nagoya needed to make better use of its customer data and ensure nonstop operation of bank systems. It upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data management software to test the SQL Server 2012 high-availability feature and the xVelocity feature, which improves database query speeds. Even in its early stage of deployment, the Bank of Nagoya has seen dramatic improvements in query speeds—from 30 minutes to 3 seconds.

The bank has also improved the availability of its core bank systems and the productivity of its IT staff. Assistant Director Systems Development Group at The Bank of Nagoya Nakajima(2012) says that: “By using SQL Server 2012, we were able to extract about 100 million records in 2 or 3 seconds versus the 30 minutes required previously.” After looking at the various other success stories including the ones discussed in my proposal. The insurance proposal maker not only improves the business processes and enhanced user experience but also facilitate the users to make sound future decisions by looking at the various reports. Since it will also be a database driven application.

Rationale and Systems Analysis

Insurance Agents need to send professional proposals to their clients with different policy coverage details and the premium cost. Usually have a different word template saved for each policy type, which they open and edit with information for a particular policy or client and then save it or print it as pdf and send it to the client. Static templates, no history or reports and lack of management module are real issues for insurance agencies. This cause delay in generating custom proposal especially if you are running the an insurance business that runs on high volume of policies Issues with this solution:

•It is slow, especially when you need to make a change.
•No template to start with.
•History tracking is difficult.
•It is not a database system where you can track client and their proposals The implementation of Insurance proposal maker system will address the several business and technologies issues. First reason is to provide insurance agents a complete and comprehensive system to conduct their business operations faster and easy. It is a known fact that the time length in providing the insurance quotes to clients is very high. This causes losing potential business. Furthermore, there are no types of follow-ups notes and alerts after providing the quotes to the potential clients. Finally, a demand for managing clients, proposals and templates requires a lot of manual work, thus significantly harden the business. The second reason is to simplify the business process to accommodate the customize insurance proposal.

With the implementation of the dynamic templates agents will be able to provide customize proposal with the help of few clicks. This feature will give the significant improvement to the business process and eliminate the manual work. The benefits of database on back-end will help saving and retaining the customize templates repeatedly. Searches, follow-ups data and history will help the agents to come up with the conclusive proposal for the clients.

Additionally the solution will be built on three tier application architecture will help the scalability, performance and availability of an application. In which the network utilization is minimized, and the load is reduced on the application and data tires results faster and responsive user interface. Management of the data will become independent from the physical storage, which will eliminate the risk of data loss, because the user will always secure by accessing the other tire.

Finally, in the current solutions the diagnostic, software maintenance and upgrades are much more hard and expensive. Since the applications are tightly coupled with the database, even a minor changed or customization requires a lot of down time and development efforts. On the other hand, in three-tier architecture platform provides layer independent schema, which is easier in maintaining the application with short downtown and less expensive.

Goals and Objectives

My objective is to design a comprehensive solution with a room of dynamic customization to accommodate the various business rules on fly with the help of laying out all the goals and objective of the project. Without a clear vision, it is very easy to allow scope creep. Well defined Goals and Objectives are the keys of a successful completion of project.

Goals and Objective are as follows.

1. To create a web based solution
2. Design and normalize the database
3. Dashboard

The system will give the dashboard view where you can perform multiple tasks such as Add a New Client
Search Exiting Client/Policy
Manage Users
Manage Account
If you have added the notes with the follow up due date the Dashboard will also give the view of any missed or upcoming payment for customers.

4. Searches
There will be a searching capacity in a system, which enables the users to search on three different criteria
a. By client name
b. By policy Number
c. Email address
5. Manage Templates
A user can add, edit and delete the insurance proposal dynamic templates and can setup the customize notes.

6. Follow-ups
This screen will give the brief history of follow-ups by client name and date.

7. Manage Accounts
This screen a user can add, edit and delete accounts and set up a different accounts type based on the client’s profile.

8. Manage User
This screen will help to add, edit, and delete users. In addition, you can setup the user’s roles and can make them active and in active.

9. Manage Companies
A user can add, edit, and delete companies. Can also set them active and in active

10. Reports
Users can different type of reports such as by new policies, renewed policies, expiring policies etc. by date range.

Project Deliverables
The project consist of several deliverables
Identify the necessary resources and team members needed to further development.

Development and testing of application.
Coding application based on the user requirements and writing test cases and logging mechanism for easily maintenance

Design and setup database
Database design using Microsoft Visio, normalization, defining relationship, primary and foreign keys.

A complete technical documentation for system and database will be provided for easy maintenance. Which contain all the core functionality of an application, deployment steps and troubleshooting steps.

Deployment and configuration on servers and IIS

A complete automated deployment process will be provided and configuration steps for development, Quality control and production environment. Testing and validation on different environment
Using the test data Unit test and System test will be conduct. Also testing the different browser platforms and versions, to see the appearance and behavior of an application.

User training, demos and videos

A complete manual will be provided for training the users, also on site training sessions with demos and videos which helps the users for better understanding the new system

Analysis and Interpretation of Information/Data

Planning and Information Gathering

In the process of investigation solution for my project. I analyzed many solutions and selected the best one that fits my organization’s need I understand a problem’s complexities and potential solutions, and then evaluate the reasoning and evidence in support of these different solutions. I evaluate different sources representing a range of perspectives on a problem in order to weigh the implications and consequences of different solutions to the problem.

Language and Communication

Application of Grammatical Standards

Inquiry and Research

Writing as a Process

I followed the accepted standards of grammar and spellings in the creation of this Technical Writing paper. I did my research on multiple similar solutions. Also inquiring with users about what kind of a solution they want to see I make this document as simple and clear for different audiences and purposes.

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