Technical knowledge Essay

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Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge from a college degree contributes to the assets of a good employee but certain experiences determine one’s real capabilities. The path to a good work entails more than academic achievements. Experiences hone a person in handling challenges that might come. The experiences, good or bad can trample or develop the person. For a rational thinker, the mistakes done before should be charged to experiences. There is always room for improvement.

A share of incidents includes the times when an employee is working for an organization which is not established yet in the sense of recognition. One might be disheartened by the fact but working to improve the company and achieving the goal is a perfect shot of motivation. Another incident is when there is superiority of the leader over a subordinate. The inferior employee didn’t mind the maltreatment. Instead, he pulled all ropes to prove his worth.

The learning experiences can serve as the motivation to work well in a chosen career choice so to ensure a smooth sailing journey. Challenges do not come during the end or the middle of the career. Trials are born by the time the one is looking for work. Thus, in applying for the position of the marketing director of Cosset Lounge, a spa and massage center, creativity and critical thinking are traits that one must possess. The realm of advertising is fierce and tricky. The company should be able to cope up with the ever changing trends.

The marketing strategies should be able to aid in sustaining the life cycle of the company’s product. A marketing director should be in the same line of thinking of the consumers. In order to achieve the desire and action of the consumer to purchase the product, a lot of motivation is involved. The way the marketing director was motivated before in his experiences should be put into use. Hence, the point in which technical skills aren’t enough to fill in a certain job comes into the scene.

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