Technical Drawing Lecture Essay

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Technical Drawing Lecture

1. Drawing is a graphic representation of real thing an idea or proposed design. 2. Drafting began when the early people started drawing objects on earth sand and stone 3. Drafting accurate manual or computerized presentation of working plans and detailed drawings. 4. CAD stands for computer aided drawing 5. Lettering is a very important part of drawing 6. Alphabet of lines examples of these are object line, hidden line etc. 7. Dimensioning indicates measurement of an object or drawing 8. Arrow heads is also called symbols of termination displayed at each end of dimension line 9. Center lines are broken lines that mark the center of a circle or arc. 10. Orthographic views examples of these are top view, right side view and front view.

Drafting Materials and Drawing Instruments Kinds of drafting materials:

1. Drawing paper- Oslo paper is commonly used as well as bond paper for drawing using pencil and tracing paper for drawings in ink.

2. Drawing Pencil- is one of the most important tools in drawing it comes with different grades depending on the type of line work requirements.

3. Eraser-this is used to clean dirt of the drawing

4. Masking tape – this is used for fastening drawing paper on the drawing table

Drawing Instruments-an assortment of Instruments and supplies including drawing table in creating technical drawings. Kinds of Drawing Instruments:

1. Drawing board, drafting table or desk

2. Pencil sharpener-pencil should be sharpened whenever they show sign of dullness

3. Erasing shield- this tool is made up of metal with irregular holes. It is a useful tool to protect the rest of the drawing when clearing smudges, unnecessary pencil lines and other erasures.

4. Technical pens- it comes with tube for ink and needle point and are available in several line width.

5. T-square –is a drawing instrument used for drawing horizontal lines.

6. Triangle- is a three sided ruler used to draw vertical lines, 30°, 45° and 60° diagonal lines.

7. Compass- this drawing instrument used when drawing arcs and circle.

8. Divider-is a drawing instrument used in transferring measurement and making desired equal parts.

9. Triangular Scale- this tool is generally used when reproducing a drawing enlarged or reduced form to some regular proportion.

10. Protractor-is semi-circular instrument divided into 180 equal parts called degree. It is used to measure angular measurement of two intersecting lines.

11. Templates-are pieces of paper, cardboard metal or plastic with openings shaped to represent the outline of various symbols and fixtures.

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