Technical Description Essay

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Technical Description

The Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer is primarily a headset that user wear to immerse their selves in a cinema-like experience right before user eyes. Is one of the best 3D displays on the market, using OLED technology, the headset is capable of deep black levels, and both in 2D or 3D imaging have amazing amount of depth. Most users would definitely consider this technology as “virtual reality headset”. The design of this headset is elegant.

Figure 1 below show the overall of how the headset looks like:

Figure 1. Sony HMZ-T1 (Front,Interior, Rear)

Technical Description 1. Front. The front has a close resembling a flying-saucer-style spaceship. The curved front panel blends out into the flexible side parts that house the speakers. Cushioned forehead helps it stay on your head.

2. Interior. The underside of the front has the main controls for adjusting and using the 3D viewer. Directly beneath the eyeglasses are sliders that adjust the spacing of the viewing ports and to the right are the directional controls for using the interface, plus on/off button and volume buttons. The control is easy to use even though you won’t be able to see them with the headset on your head.

3. Back. The back part has the adjustable and flexible straps that keep the device attached to your head, which also retract slightly into the device when you are storing them. One of the straps is made of plastic and the other is flexible rubber, and they seem to keep it attached to your head fairly well. The speakers also adjust in all direction so you can sit them directly over your ears.

4. Viewer Look. This is the part of the device you see while putting the viewer on. You ‘ll notice there’s two glassy viewing holes that conceal OLED displays behind each of them, and just to the bottom of these you can attach silicone light blockers if you are using the machine in a well light environment.

Conclusion The device cost a quite bit of money (900$) but you would expect that it come with good build quality as well for the price tag. While the 3D Viewer is made of plastic, it feel solid and very reliable for quite long time. It flexible and adjustable parts have enough endurance to make them not fall apart or crack any moment.

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