Tears of the Tiger Essay

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Tears of the Tiger

In Sharon Draper’s novel Tears of a Tiger various character deal with a particular challenge or obstacle. Andy Jackson face conflicts with other individuals, their societies, and themselves.

Andy conflict with his father shows through out the story and is consistent. Mr.Jackson pressures Andy way too much which leads to arguments between them. “You seem to be doin’ a fine job of dreamin’ my dreams and planning my future. Maybe I don’t wanna be accepted to white folks” (Andy Page 153). Mr.Jackson pressures Andy a lot with school and keeping his grades up, so Andy can get into college and work in business administration. Andy does not want to do that with his life, it’s not his dream but his father’s dream for him. Mr.Jackson want Andy to have a bright future but does not consider his son feeling or what he wants to do with his future. Andy and Mr. Jackson arguments come from exception his father has for him.

Racism in this story plays a pretty big role, Andy puts up with his teachers being racist and also with society. Mr.Jackson tells Andy how society works “ But you must, That’s the only way to make it in this world – to assimilate into the society in which we live in that’s why you must pull up your grades and improve your attitude.” Mr.Jackson tells Andy that he must work hard in life to be accepted by white people. He said that how society works. Andy does not like what his father is saying to him because it doesn’t bother him that black people are unimportant to white people. Andy feels white people look down on like his teachers do.

Depression is a really consistent conflicts that Andy tries to deal with but struggles with it. Andy’s depression takes over him, he could not control it anymore because he couldn’t get over the death of Rob. In Andy’s Poem he tell how he really feels inside. “ it’s dark where I am and cannot find the light. There are shadows all around me and my heart is full of fright”. The poem shows the state of mind in which he’s in. He feel that he has no one. The aloneness comes from him losing his best friend. Andy can’t think straight because he is so depression he doesn’t know what to do anymore he think he has no one to talk to be he does not realise that so many people are trying to him throught thing but Andy just doesn’t see it . The Depression is what makes Andy struggle with life.

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