Teams should complete steps Essay

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Teams should complete steps

1. : The board of directors of a local organization has asked each team to develop a comprehensive recruitment plan for a key position at that organization. The completed project will be presented to the board of directors by means of a PowerPoint presentation and a two to three page presentation brief detailing the team’s proposal. Primary focus of this project is on the PowerPoint presentation which will be accompanied by the two to three page presentation brief. The presentation and brief should include evidence of thorough research and a well thought out plan that provides answers for all of the following:

a. Identify team members and team member roles. b. Identify a particular key position at a specific organization. Where does the position fit within the organizational chart? Provide an org chart depiction. What is the reason for this position’s vacancy (e.g., new position, vacated position, growth) c. What environmental factors – internal and external – could impact the recruitment, selection, and retention of this position? How can you set your organization apart from others in the marketplace, thus attracting the best candidates? d. What considerations have your company already made or will make to abide within the legal framework of equal employment as it applies to this position? e. What type(s) of candidates are you targeting and why?

f. Create a one-page job description for this position using the Sample Job Description Template. g. Where/how will you advertise your vacancy? What will your job advertisement(s) look like and why? Include a copy or copies of the job advertisement. h. What type(s) of selection process(es) will you utilize and why? What would an ideal candidate’s resume/application contain? Will you do a background investigation on applicants to minimize concerns about negligent hiring? If so, what type(s)? If not, why not? i. Will you administer any pre-employment testing, and if so, why? If not, why not? j. What types of questions will you ask to pinpoint the best candidate for the job? Identify at least 10 of those questions.

k. What type of compensation system will you utilize and why? l. What types of benefits will you offer to potential candidates and why? m. How will benefits be managed – internally, agent/broker, externally, and so on? How will you know if the benefits are in strategic alignment? n. What retention interventions will be made available to this position? What reasoning and data were considered when making the decision to offer these retention interventions? o. What will comprise an effective new employee orientation for this position? What items will be in their orientation packet? p. What planned HR development approaches will apply to this position? q. What method(s) of performance appraisal will be used? How often? By whom?

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