Team Data Collection Essay

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Team Data Collection

BIMS, Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. is a corporation specializes in the services of food and housekeeping to corporations and institutions. The general manager, Barbara Tucker, has noticed that over the last four months the turnover rate has shot up to 64%. Not only is the turnover rate higher than usual, but also employees seemed unmotivated to do their job. There are more employees walking around doing nothing and more employees not doing their job well enough, resulting in complaints from the hospital administration in which they are working. Debbie Homer, HR manage, has developed an employee survey instrument to try to identify why employees are leaving and why each employee is no longer motivated.


Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc, BIMS, has a turnover rate of 64%. There is normally a high turnover rate; however, this is a big increase over the last four months. Barbara Tucker is concerned about this increase along with sick days more frequently used and employees wasting time instead of doing their assigned jobs. The cost of replacing workers and the lost hours due to sick time and malaise is causing BIMS to lose profits. Barbara Tucker agreed to allow Debbie Horner to conduct a study on worker’s satisfaction. Debbie Horner is a HR manager with experience in conducting such a study. Debbie Horner created a survey that focused on work conditions, shift hours, quality of training, pay levels, job security, and demographics. Debbie Horner hypothesized that the high turnover rate would correlate with the level of job satisfaction.

Instrument for Data Collection

The instrument to gather the data will be a 10 question work related survey and a four question demographic section. This survey will be given to all non-management employees. The 10 work related questions are given a numerical value starting at one for very negative to five being very positive, giving Debbie Horner a quantitative statistic. The four demographic questions will require a direct answer giving Debbie Horner a qualitative result.

Types of Data

The way the data is being collected is by handing out satisfaction surveys to the staff. The staff is to answer the questions based on a numerical scale in reference to their satisfaction levels. The types of data being collected are quantitative data as well as qualitative data. The survey can gather more information as well as what is being collected, such as gender group and age range. This would fall under the qualitative data section. The results alone would be considered qualitative data.

Level of Measurement

There are different levels of measurement by which data can be classified. For this situation, the ordinal level of measurement would be useful for measuring the data. Ordinal measurement scales are for relative ranking and ordering the attribute into different categories. One benefit of using an ordinal scale over a nominal scale is ordinal scales more information and more precise data. The support for the office is Sally. She has been given the responsibility and the task of data entry, made some errors where she put in the number six instead of five for the rankings but was very accurate in the amount of time an employee has worked for the company. From these results, one could see differences in the employees that have worked here several years and those who have not. One can also see the difference in someone who is in a management position and someone who is not.

Code the Data and Clean the Data

In the case of the BIMS research survey the data is coded in terms of numbers. The spreadsheet created has been done so with all of the responses placed in a numerical data set. The spreadsheet has the question numbers at the top of the sheet and then following the lines of the data set the number responses file down the sheet.

If there was any data missing when the information was entered, the decision was made to just enter a zero. After entering the data, it must be reviewed to catch any errors. Cleaning the data is done with basic steps. Of course the data is imported from the source, but there should always be some backup involved in order to keep the integrity of the data. In some cases the next step would be manipulation or spellchecking. This depends on what kind of data is involved. However, in this case spell checking is not necessary, but manipulation is. For instance with manipulation, they may have to add a column or two, or even add a zero randomly for missing data. Below is numbers 6-10 on the data set, the data has been cleaned up by changing the number 6 to the number 5 thus correcting the errors Sally made. Where a question wasn’t answered a zero was added to indicate missing data.


Understanding that there was a need to increase productivity at Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., information on how to increase productivity was an important plan to implement. It was the responsibility of the Human Resources manager, Barbara Tucker, to ensure that methods were used to observe the employees in their operative positions to find out why there was such an increased turnover rate. After collecting all of the quantitative data, there was a clear connection between the employees overall job satisfaction, and customer service. One of the most important components of Barbara’s management efforts was the use of a survey. The survey provided critical information that led to an increased effort in changes from upper management. The satisfaction survey provided critical clues as to the overall performance of employees.

There were even some data issues that included opinions from employees who had been on the job for more than five years. Using survey tools are important to the overall productivity of employees and upper managerial staff. Often times, employees may find it difficult to communicate with direct supervisors because they may be intimidated; however, developing the ability to express themselves through employee satisfaction surveys, they may feel more relaxed and open to further discussions. In summary, customer satisfaction surveys can provide critical information about what the market needs and what your company may need in order to move forward.

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