Teaching Vocabulary Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Young Learner Essay

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Teaching Vocabulary Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Young Learner

Putu Darma Putra (2013) in his seminar says that “World is words, how nice and influence they are; appears in a dictionary. ” Words are really powerful for good and evil. They can transform in the hands of someone who knows how to choose and combine them. As we know, English as an international language has an important role in dealing with the world. For dealing with the world we need to deliver our thought by using words or vocabularies. We can imagine how powerful vocabulary is. As well known, vocabulary is the knowledge of words and word meanings. It is very necessary to teach vocabulary during English lesson.

The reason why vocabulary is taught at school is because students need to improve their vocabulary to use in the real life. Students speak English in their daily life; they are speaking with other person vocabularies. If students have a small stock of vocabularies, this would be obstacles when they are talking to someone else or reading English textbook. So, it is really important to teach vocabulary intensively. There are many ways of teaching and learning vocabulary. The rules and strategies of teaching vocabulary items in the classroom should be innovative and proficient.

Research shows that the key strategy to teach vocabulary effectively is by using a media that can make students are interested in the lesson. Using teaching media in teaching and learning process can motivate and develop student’s vocabulary mastery. According to Shahla Yassael (2012), teaching language skills through mechanical exercises and traditional fill-in-the-blank, true/ false, and multiple-choice assessments does not interest students as much as we expect. Almost of students get bored when they just read text book and more of them just read the words without know what the meaning of it is.

Poor readers usually read less, because reading is difficult and frustrating for them. It means that their vocabularies are limited. Teachers have to know how to help and facilitate students to learn about vocabulary knowledge using useful words or vocabulary that will help them achieve or figure out meaning of the words by them selves. This means that the words frequently appear in their daily life. Teacher also should find the best strategies that useful both in the classroom and out-side of the classroom. Teaching strategies can use a media as supporting items.

Teaching vocabulary using media can create a meaningful context, which can be delivering and introduce any key vocabulary that may be unfamiliar. The media that can use to teach vocabulary is using poems and favorite song. It is supported by Caroline Linse (2006) that songs and poems are an excellent way to begin or end a lesson. Teachers usually use poems and songs in the beginning of lesson to warm up students. It is better to choose an appropriate poems or songs that related to the content of the lesson. At the end of lesson, the better way to cooling down the situation after giving lesson is singing song and repeat it in different verse.

It can be doing while the students are waiting the bell to ring. Songs and poems are usually use for early children education, or we call it young learner. They are easily to imagine nouns, and don’t have literacy skills. So, they only can recognize nouns. Young learners also need concrete vocabulary. It means the vocabulary that they learn should be definite and specific. They also need to repeat the words again and again in new context. Young learners are easily to feel bored during lesson, because they love to move as they sing the song. By using poems and song, they can learn the lesson in a fun way.

In this case, teacher can use props or action that can make them remember the words and meaning. The props and actions are also making them know and remember the context that shows in each verse. Teacher also can change some words in the poem and favorite song lyric into a picture, so young learner can understand the meaning of the vocabulary. Here, the writer offers poems and favorite songs as a great tool in the teaching vocabulary, especially when the teacher wants to introduce new vocabulary items to the students. Teachers can use this strategy to help learners acquire vocabulary items that they see and hear.

This paper is focused on the effort to solve the problems about young learners’ vocabulary mastery. One of the way to improve their vocabulary mastery effectively, actively, and creatively is by using poems and favorite songs. By using poems and favorite songs, students are able to improve their vocabularies mastery while enjoy the lesson using a fun way of learning. Using poems and favorite songs, the teacher can deliver the vocabulary knowledge using an interesting media to the students. It is expected to improve their vocabulary more easily, so they can understand the meaning of a reading text easily.

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