Teaching strategies Essay

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Teaching strategies

This assignment is given to the students of Diploma in School Management course conducted by Centre for Open Learning (COL), The Maldives National University about the four management functions with its theoretical concepts. This assignment discusses the relationship among the four management functions outlining the importance of management functions in the school system and concludes with useful and appropriate justifications. I take this opportunity to thank our coordinators for their kind cooperation and helps given to us throughout this course.

Every organization has developed its own management concepts in order to function the organization smoothly, effective and efficiently to achieve their organizational objectives and aims. The basic functions of the management categorized in different four areas to handle the operations for the organization and its development.

The four main functions of management comprised of the following categories; planning, organizing, directing and controlling, yet the views of some of the educationists and management developers are somehow dissimilar adding the terms like evaluating, staffing and coordinating etc. There are possible relationships among the four management functions and reasons as its importance in every organization and the education system in every country. This assignment covers a view of all those relationships and its importance in a school system of a country. The four management functions are as follows.

Relationship among the four management functions
What is planning?
Planning is the main area of all the functions of management. It is considered as the foundation of the other three areas to be built. Management requires planning to evaluate where the company is currently, and where it would like to be in the future. The determination of activities, goals and objectives reaches to the implementation of the organizational plan.

Management analyzes internal and external factors that do and may affect the company, as well as the objectives and goals, during planning. Planning is a continuing process that external factors constantly affect the school or organization both positively and negatively. In some situations, these external factors may cause the organization to set the route of action in achieving the organizational goals.

What is organizing?
Organizing is the second function of management. Management must organize all its physical and human resources in order to implement the plan and activities to determine the planning process. In a school system we can organize our self, teachers and other staff, parents, teaching and learning activities. Through the process of getting organized, management will decide its internal organizational structure; establish and maintain relationships between the school societies, also assign required resources. Management must look at the different sections or departments, like academic, administrative section or financial section, in determining the internal structure.

The coordination of staff and subjects, necessary arrangements to conduct the student related activities both curricular and co-curricular, the best way to handle the required duties, time and expenditures of information within the school or organization. Management will then divide up the duties that need to be done, determine appropriate departments, and delegate power and authority, also the responsibilities in the organization, or in the teaching and learning process of a school.

What is directing?
Directing is considered as the third management function in an organization or in a school system. Directing is able to influence and supervise the performance of the staff in achieving the school goals, as well as the teachers’ personal and professional developments. The influence of directing in a school management system can be gained through motivation of teachers and students, communication, information system, and the leadership of staff and students.

Managers and middle managers of an organization or the heads of school and leading teachers in an educational organization tend to put up their focus to motivate the teachers and other staff, as well as students and the parental community.

They come up with reward and motivational activities and programs based on job performance and work hard towards the fulfillment of their staff and teachers. In order to develop the teaching and learning process or to maintain a creative working environment, the effective communication is essential as it helps to build a positive relationship solving the problems and changing the negative attitudes of the teachers and staff to positive. Communication also helps the educators to understand what they are doing right and wrong.

What is controlling?
The last four main function of the management is controlling. Controlling is the process of monitoring performance and taking action to ensure desired results. It ensures that the overall directions of individuals and groups are consistent with short and long range plans.

Controlling establish the organizational objectives and standards measuring the actual performance of both students and staff or teachers. The controlling process is an ongoing process with other three management functions in every organization. Management is also able to identify any developing problems that need to be addressed through corrective action. Anticipate redundancy

Importance of management functions in a school system executed Each function with separate is integrally related and implements to main organizational goals. The above indicates the five main management functions of school heads: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all aspects of any organization or a school life.

Although they occur in sequence, in fact each function is a continuous process. This information shows the close relationship between the four functions and is important to the school heads and principals for the training and support to improve the management capabilities which help the school to develop its superiority with the instructional leadership of the principals or heads.

To gain understanding of the knowledge of management functions are compulsory for the educators, school heads and principals as it helps to develop the school and organization for the successful development to achieve its objectives effectively and efficiently. A school cannot achieve its performance unless the heads of the school develop their personal and professional in the theoretical concepts and the transfer of knowledge with new innovations in the school system.

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