Teaching Process and Learn English

It is crystal clear that once it has shifted from the teacher-centred approach to the student-centred one, the teaching process has also brought many attempts to modernize the English classes. Students are expected to become more and more involved, to experiment, to discover new facts and ideas themselves, and, more than that, to cooperate with one another, to become more tolerant and respectful with their colleagues.

At the same time, the previously mentioned shift has also brought some endeavour of the teachers to create the appropriate atmosphere, the appropriate context for the students to learn English, as a foreign language.

Although the teaching process is student-centred, one should not deny the important role that a teacher plays in a student’s becoming as a learner and speaker of English.

Personally, we consider that, apart from the worksheets, the materials, the books, the projects that the teacher brings to class in order to enhance his or her students’ learning of English, his or her attitude towards the new aspects taught has the greatest influence on the students’ involvement in the language activities.

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