Teaching and Learning Approaches Essay

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Teaching and Learning Approaches

My choice of teaching approach for my micro teach was to use PowerPoint, practical exercises and an end of session test to ensure all learning styles were met. I adjusted the tables and seating so I could walk in the area where the learners were sat so to engage with them. Throughout my session I carried out formative assessment of what was being taught by asking questions and keeping eye contact with all my learners. During the PowerPoint exercise I also passed around the components that I was talking about so the learners could feel and look at the items, participate and ask me questions.

I enjoyed the feedback I got and my confidence grew. The practical exercise and end of session test were designed to allow the learners to get involved and learn something new. My practical exercise consisted of injector testing and the use of a Multimeter, I split my learners into groups of 3 and gave them a short exercise on how to set up the Multimeter and which setting was required. I did this by first showing them what to and then letting them set up the Multimeter in their groups with me assessing they had done it correctly.

The second part of the exercise was to carry out injector testing and record the results then, as a group we discussed the outcome and checked the answers which allowed me to evaluate whether the learner’s had absorbed the information. The end of session test was combined with a feedback questionnaire to confirm to myself that learning had taken place and feedback for improvement in future. I enjoyed my micro teach very much and it has cemented my desire to teach.

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