Teaching a Specialist Subject

I will organize my work around the “Introduction to production” course I teach at Point Blank College. It is a “music technology” course that is recognised by the British educational system (NOCN level 2). The key aims of the course consist in: -Guiding students to acquire basic compositional techniques and develop their personal career. -Developing the student’s self motivation that will allow them to integrate the music industry I have learnt my skills in a professional environment and this experience inevitably shaped the “pragmatic” style of teaching I use.

Being taught by professionals in activity rather than scholar’s means I had to go and get the knowledge I needed by myself. I try to convey this self-motivation to my students through a friendly and “professional” attitude. I believe this behaviour creates an enjoyable experience. John Dewey argues that providing the student with enjoyable learning experiences motivates them to continue learning; this motivation matters just as much as the knowledge that is learned (38).

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I agree with this precept and I want my teaching to be inspiring both in the creative domain and the personal development domain. I think it is important to convey the sense of passion first, method second and business last. It is essential not to waste the student’s time and not to put them off learning the subject by teaching things that are not practical so I always set the assignments according to each student’s preferred style of music. For example, if a learner is into pop music, I will make sure that all the work he or she does is geared toward this specific genre.

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The mentoring role of the teacher and the power relationship between the teacher and the students is inevitable in a classroom. According to Dewey, “The teacher loses the position of external boss or dictator but takes on that of leader of group activities” (page 59) I think a tutor is the most knowledgeable person in the group but should not overpower the group. Paolo Freire also support this concept by saying: ”Humility helps us to understand this obvious truth: No one knows it all; no one is ignorant of everything. Page 39) I always make sure my students understand that I am still a “professional in Activity” and therefore I am constantly learning new techniques just like them. Paolo Freire thinks, “Learning is a process where knowledge is presented to us, then shaped through understanding, discussion and reflection”. (Page 31). I think education should provide a link for the students to analyse and develop their personal experiences and help them to view these under a new light.

Education needs to be a “liberating” process by which the learner develops a critical analysis to learning. I believe in a constructivist educational approach that leads the student to research about the subject to “hit the problem” first. We then discuss it in the classroom so that when the solution is understood it is valuable and meaningful. I would like my teaching to lead the students to think for themselves so they develop and acknowledge the analytic process.

The techniques explained in class should be supported by the student’s own researches. With the emergence of the World Wide Web and mostly online tutorial videos, it is vital that my learners get into the habit of getting the information by themselves. The key curriculum issues: To develop the student’s self motivation so that they understand the importance of researching to enhance their own learning To help students to develop a sense of structure in their compositions To pass the knowledge of key technologies such as MIDI and sequencing.

The structure of the course: Logically, the course structure follows the various stages through which a music producer goes when composing a piece of music: Create the various musical parts Arrange the parts along a time line Mix the parts together to create a cohesive whole Master the song to make it as loud as possible 2-­ outline the planning and preparation of a course within your specialism and justify how these meet the aims you have outlined in task 1).

Discuss how well your approach to planning and preparation addresses inclusion within he course, and justify your approach in relation to key curriculum issues, including the role of new and emerging technologies. Outline the resources that you use and justify the way(s) in which you use them. The institution I work for has designed its courses curiculums in responss to NOCN outlines determined on a national level. This curiculum may change according to technology changes, curent practice and legislation. So I have to follow a pre-determined program with little or no margin for changes.

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Teaching a Specialist Subject

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