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Teachers Material

Assignments January 2012 B. Ed. – 2 Year Please Note: a) b) The Assignment Responses (AR’s) may be submitted by hand or sent by registered post to the Programme – in – Charge of your Programme Centre. You should retain a copy of all the assignment responses in your own interest. nd ES-334: EDUCATION AND SOCIETY Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) ii) iii) Mention the Aims of Education in present scenario. (250 words) What is ‘Pragmatism’ and what should be the role of teacher according to it. (250 words) What are the factos affecting wastage and stagnation?

How you as a teacher can overcome these factors. explain with illustrations. (1000 words) ES-335: TEACHER AND SCHOOL Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) Why is school considered as a formal educational system? Explain how objectives of school are formulated. (500 words) ii) Explain how the role of a teacher has changed from pre-industrial to the industrial society. What are the implications of such a change for the school system? (500 words) iii) Organise a meeting of the Parent Teacher Association and prepare a report on the outcomes of such a meeting.

(500 words) 2 ES-361: EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) Explain how telecommunication technologies play a significant role in providing education at distance. (500 words) ii) Identify a topic of your choice at the secondary level. Select appropriate media to be used while teaching the topic. Discuss the reasons/factors for selecting the same media. (500 words) iii) Identify an appropriate topic from the subject you are teaching at the secondary level for a video programme. Develop a detailed video script for the same topic.

(500 words) ES-362: COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) ii) What is CAI? Explain its pitfalls. (500 words) Teaching models helps in designing instruction in the classrooms. Justify the statement with suitable examples. (500 words) iii) You must have observed the use of computers in school. Critically analyze and prepare a report about the use of computers in your school for maintaining the students data. (500 words) ES-363: GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) Explain the concept of group counselling and its importance for dealing with problems of school children.

(250 words) ii) Discuss the concept of inclusive schooling and the role of a teacher in the education for the disabled students? (250 words) iii) What are the difficulties faced by girls in career development? How will you, as teacher, promote career development of girls? (1000 words) 3 ES-364: DISTANCE EDUCATION Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) Describe different models of distance education institutions. (500 words) ii) iii) Explain the key features of self-instructional materials.

(500 words) Identify the characteristics of ‘distance learners’ and of ‘distance education’. Compare these characteristics and explain how the characteristics of distance education are befitting to the characteristics of distance learners. (500 words) Assignments nd B. Ed. – II Year Assignments for two special compulsory courses BESE-065: HIV AND AIDS EDUCATION Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) Explain basic goals of HIV and AID education. (250 words) ii) Mention the steps in HIV post test counselling.

(250 words) iii) As a teacher what type of school programme you will organise for HIV and AID prevention? Elaborate with suitable illustrations. (1000 words) BESE-066: ADOLESCENCE AND FAMILY EDUCATION Assignment – 01 Answer the following questions: i) Briefly describe three causes for typical adolescent behaviour. (250 words) ii) Mention with justification five life skills useful for helping professional. (250 words) iii) You being a teacher describe your experiences regarding the role of school, parent and peers in imparting family life education. (1000 words).

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