Teachers Evaluation System Thesis

Teacher’s evaluation is an annual process that a management of a certain university is conducting with the participation of their randomly selected students in the purpose of knowing if their professors are doing the teaching protocols that was established by the university. In addition to that, it also helps the management to know if their professors are qualified of renewing their contracts and if they are capable of doing their job. The monitoring and counting as well as the process itself of the said evaluation are usually done manually.

In terms of finding the output or the result of the process, a huge frame of time is used. It takes days before the output was released and because of that two (2) out of ten (10) students only participating with the said evaluation. Furthermore, the selection of the students is done in prearranged method rather than random because it is also
one of the factors that cause the slow movement of the process.

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This study is intended to modernize the course of action in the said evaluation process. It will focus on how to minimize or reduce the time needed in this process as well as to produce a reliable output. The study will also use the capability of technology for the reproduction and improvement of the said process. It will also provide the respondents an interactive and straightforward way of assessing their professors. In totality this study aims to produce an effective, efficient and productive system that lessen the work of the management in terms of accomplishing the task in a short period of time without the credibility of the output is being questioned.

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Statement of the problem

Based on the observations of the researcher, all university are conducting evaluation process to all the professor and teachers. It is done manually through the participation of number of students in certain campus and university. This process cause huge consumption of time both for the management and students as well. The checking, monitoring, and counting by the management is also one of the factor s that affect the process because it is manually done causing the time frame of the process to increase. In addition, some of the students missed their privilege to evaluate their professors because the administration chooses randomly the professors to be evaluated causing unreliable result due to manipulation of the process. Due to that manipulation, professors will not be able to know if their teaching strategy is applicable to the students or they will come up to a new strategy in imparting knowledge to their students.

Objective of the study

Generally the system aims to create an innovation of the teacher’s evaluation process in Cavite State University Cavite City Campus. Specifically it aims to:

* Reduce or minimize the time consumption of implementing the old process of evaluation. * Produce a reliable and honest result of the evaluation process. * Give the students the privilege to evaluate.

* Inform the professors how effective their teaching strategy

Importance of the study

The importance of this study is to provide this university and its student body as the beneficiaries with a fast, efficient and reliable process of doing an evaluation for the faculty members of this institution. It will provide the students the opportunity to practice their rights and for the management to lessen the consume time in doing the process. It will also help the researchers and other IT students to gain information in using different PL’s to enhance the system as well as to enhance their skills in designing and creating a useful system. Furthermore, it will also help the researchers to enhance their expertise and to provide innovation of technology. This study will also be useful for other people specially those who are involved in the same line of expertise or those who are facing the same problem to develop their own or an innovation of this study.

Time and place of the study

This study will be conducted at Cavite State university- Cavite City Campus from June to October 2012. The other conducted researches that are related to the study were implemented at Cavite State University Cavite City Campus.

Scope and limitation

This study involves the creation of a system called Teacher’s Evaluation System or TES. This system is intended for the management to answer their problems with regards to their teacher’s evaluation process. The evaluators can assess their professors easily by just clicking the mouse. The system will be capable of finishing the process in the minimum approximate time. The system contains some features such as; it will automatically rate scores of the finalist based on the answers of the evaluators in question phase of the system, it will also provide back up for the data in case of power failures occurs and in terms of its interface it will provide a comprehensible and a user-friendly interface for the evaluators. The evaluators will be able to access the system by just putting their full name and their student number and afterwards they can proceed to the question phase of the system.

The system will be using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 for the front-end of the system. This application will be use in creating the users interface as well as the coding phase of the system will be done here. The study will also use Microsoft Access application for the storage of data’s that will be obtain by the system, this will stand as the back-end of the system.

On the contrary the system will be designed only for standalone computers. The question phase of the system will only consist of fifteen (15) general questions to be answered by the evaluators. The question will be in close or bipolar type of questions. The system can only evaluate two (2) teachers at the same instance. In addition to that, the administrator himself and other authorized personnel can access the system in terms of finding the result.

Operational definition of terms

Evaluators – this word refers to the number of students that will participate to the evaluation process. Finalist – this word refers to the list of persons that going to be evaluated. Question phase – this pertain to the part of the system where several questions are being set for the evaluators to answer.

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Teachers Evaluation System Thesis

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