Teacher’s Day Essay

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Teacher’s Day

On the 22nd of October 2012, PSC held its annual Teacher’s Day. The Supreme Student Council was the reason behind this program, and in fact, they did a job well done. As the MC of the program, it was a blast to see everyone smiling and it was grateful to know that everyone had fun, especially the teachers. The quadrangle was literally crowded with students who wanted to greet and spend the day with their beloved teachers.

The program started off with a prayer and a speech from the Supreme Student Council’s president, and was topped off with a dance number from the Grade 6. The teachers were called one by one after, and were given gifts from the SSC and of course, their students. They were also given a chance to take photos with their students. Some students even presented a song number for the teachers, while the others preferred to give a simple gift.

First up was the teachers from the pre-school department, we had a hard time with the children since we had to take them up to the stage, but we eventually made it through. Next was the teachers from the elementary department, the students were so sweet, some would just run up to the stage and hug their teachers. Last but not the least, the teachers from the high school department. The high school students put a lot of effort into their gifts; it just proves how much they love their teachers.

The teachers were also given a chance to showcase their talents, whether it was at singing or at dancing. It was nice to see, just for once, the other side of our teachers. Since it was Teacher’s Day, the teachers were given a break from their stressful job, and just enjoyed the show which was prepared by their students. The program ended with a song number from the Supreme Student Council. Once again, the program was a complete success thanks to the cooperation of the students, and of course the reason why we made this program; the teachers.

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