Teachers and Faculty Carry Concealed Weapons on Campus Essay

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Teachers and Faculty Carry Concealed Weapons on Campus

Teachers and Faculty Carry Concealed Weapons on Campuses
Imagine the feeling of safety as if it is constantly within our control or ability, people that are in possession of a concealed weapon are aware of the responsibility and the results of what can happen when using a concealed weapon. Safety of teachers, all other employees and students at a learning intuition can greatly improve if the staff could be armed with concealed weapons. Also we must remember that all citizens of the United States have the right to carry and own a weapon as guaranteed by the second amendment of the constitution of the United States of America. Safety and security could be greatly improved with teachers and faculty carrying concealed weapons on campus, therefore, the teachers and faculty increase security; the safety of the students can also be achieved.

The second amendment to the constitution guarantees people the right to own and use a weapon without interference from the government (Constitution). Although to carry a concealed weapon requires additional permitting in all the states and territories of the United States. This is to help everyone is safe and ensure that a weapon does not end up in the wrong hands. This can consist of a complete and through back ground check, fingerprinting, and even mental health evaluations may be required in some states. Some states also require the applicant spent time on the shooting range, classroom, and attend a basic hunter education course. This includes the safety requirements that a person is expected to follow when in possession of a weapon and the proper way to secure a weapon when finished with its use. After the documentation process is completed this ensures the persons has the ability to properly own and maintain a concealed weapon permit.

Most teachers and faculty consequently would have to take the time to secure the proper documentation so that they would be compliant with all the state and local laws to carry a concealed weapon. Since, the teachers are going to have more knowledge of the students to know how to defuse a hostile or bad situation. On the other hand the faculty being familiar with the campus layout would know how to secure the campus for the safety of everyone else on the campus. Even if this situation only happened one more time and it saved the life of one person teachers and faculty carrying a concealed weapon could eliminate this situation from ever happening at any learning institution.

Most teachers have already spent at least four years or more in school to teach and help people learn in a safe and secure environment, Not to be in fear that a disturbed or upset student brings a weapon to school and intends harm someone. Also teacher’s giving a grade that a student thinks they should have received a better grade than they did. Then the students that carry weapons to school to settle a score with another student or even the spill over from an incident related to previous gang activity.

As a result of teachers and faculty carrying a concealed weapon a second thought would have to be raised in the perpetrators mind knowing they were going into a situation where the opposition is also carrying a concealed weapon. Also, let’s not forget that this is a right that we have and are not in any way be forced into or even have to participate in.

Likewise, school systems all over the United States are hiring a school resource officers and private security contractors to have armed personnel on campuses. This is known to decrease the chances of situations escalating with armed persons on campuses. This would provide the added security that is needed to maintain order and safety on our campuses. This will ensure the students, teachers, faculty members are stay safe to further their education and maintain the integrity of the learning institutions today and forever .However, the cost for the added police or contracted security personnel, and this will far exceed the cost of training teachers or faculty personnel to carry a concealed weapon on campus (Lewis).

Therefore, let us not forget that all of us will need to use these institutions for schooling, testing, and learning a new job. It is safe to say that doing these things in a safe environment is going to make that easier on anyone when preforming any task required at learning institutions.

Only people that are willing and able to participate in this type of program feel a need for the added protection and security for our children in school, teachers, and faculty. What would have happened if a custodian noticed the perpetrator at Sandy Hook Elementary School and challenged him and he never breeched the school. What if the gunman was challenged by the custodian before even getting inside the school. With a concealed weapon on the faculty member this could have been completely avoided and resulting in no loss of any lives. As a result of the presence of weapons on campuses or anywhere we are always going to have the threat of violence testing our security measures. As a result of teachers and faculty members carrying a concealed weapon this will reduce the threat of violence in our school ensuring that our children safe and secure when we leave them at a learning institution.

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