Teachers Essay Topics

Ethical Considerations for Teachers

Ethics and its essential considerations are fundamentals of human nature. Just like in any field of profession, the principles behind ethics are of undeniable significance to the educational setting. This is basically due to the concept that the teachers and the rest of teaching professionals are the ones who influence the thoughts, values and even… View Article

Problem Solving for Elementary School Math Teachers

In every teaching discipline, a strategy is usually employed in working out a problem, and in mathematics, the problem-solving process is employed. Problem solving process is a series that is used to solve a problem instead of solving the problem through intuition or memory but by phases of analysis and at the same employs thinking… View Article

American Federation of Teachers

The continued drive to improve education and to support the legislation of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policy of the government has pushed the district of Georgia to create an effective framework of assessing and testing students of their proficiency in the different realms of education. By doing such, the district not only complies… View Article


William Arthur ward once said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ” [This is an excellent way to start off your essay! This quote is sure to grab your readers’ attention. ] William Arthur Ward greatly inspired the classifications I chose to use in this… View Article

Helping Teachers Become Leaders

In “Helping Teachers Become Leaders,” Patricia Phelps (2008) presents a model that teachers, administrators and teacher educators can internalize in order to cultivate effective teacher leadership in our nation’s schools. Phelps begins her discussion of teacher leadership first by defining the concept. She cites Barth’s definition: “Making happen what you believe in” (p. 19). Phelps… View Article

Cultural teachers

Cultural teachers are about people who intently or otherwise came and left with time. It’s about meeting and embracing interesting and less interesting characters who weaved some of my life’s cultural values. It’s about friends who come and go in the passing of time and it’s them that shaped my individuality and identity. What ordinary… View Article