Teacher psychology Essay

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Teacher psychology

Good afternoon everyone, today I am going to talk about education. Education has many affects but how does education affects our lives. Education affects people by opening them up to new ideas, thus broadening their thinking. As for example, A degree can also broaden opportunities in the job market. Sometimes education can change what you believe, if you find new truth and need to fit it into your worldview. As long as a person is careful to actually examine the information that is presented, and not just blindly accept anything from any source, education usually improves lives and minds and offers us more opportunities and possibilities.

The education for society can be different, due to the fact that various types of education and learning methods and assumptions affect me and others in many different ways. An important key role in our life by far is education, because so far it has given me a different perspective of life. A well-known Greek Philosopher named Plato once said that the direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life. He literally means the type of education we chose to follow or have leads to us becoming that. So far in my journey of life it has opened and shown my eyes to a lot to see in this world.

Education has given me the chance to learn and discover new things around me; in addition it has taught me to believe about life. Education has made me who I am today, and will have a huge impact in my future to come, because it will determine how I will live. It has given me a picture and sense on what I can achieve and do in life. My education started at a very young age, just like most people start theirs. My first mentors and teachers were not from elementary school, but they were my own people that raised me from home.

The education I received to this day has made me a better decision maker about life’s big questions. Nelson Mandela best said that education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. What Nelson Mandela is trying to mean is that education is the answer to move forward in life. I totally agree with Mandela on that.

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