Teacher Interview Essay

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Teacher Interview

For this project I decided to interview my high school football coach from Brewster Washington Ed Ashworth, who teaches English. I asked a verity of questions to help get an understanding of what it take to become a teacher and to just get a better idea of it all. The first question I asked was, How much time outside of school do you spend on your job? “Well between grading papers and making lesson plans for class and other materials, probably about 16-20 hours a week. About and hour before school and a couple hours here and there after school, plus weekends.

” he said. Next question I asked was, How do you come up with the lesson plans? “Its not easy to come up with lesson plans all the time, I try to make the assignments interesting so the students don’t get bored of the same thing. I there is something that is fascinating outside of class that I think I can incorporate into class I try to do that, weather its something on the news or something going on with the school so the students can speak their mind, that’s usually makes it more fun for them. ” said Mr.Ashworth.

Next I asked, What do you do with a failing student? And a student with behavior problems? “I try to make sure I am send grade checks home to there parents, I also ask the students if they need extra help of if the need to stay after class for some one on one learning. And for the behavior problem kids I usually send the student outside and have a discussion and let the student they need to get their act together. ” he said . Then I asked, What are additional duties besides teaching in the classroom?

“Teachers meetings, parent meetings, Homework grading and tests, Also advising the students they are assigned to make sure they are on track for graduation. ” says Ashworth. Next I asked, Whats the most rewarding part about teaching? “The most rewarding part would have to be when you see a student turn things around, going from not trying in school to doing good in the class because they realize that school is important for there future. ” he said. The last question I asked was, What made you choose to be a teacher?

“I had a couple teachers that really made an impacted in my life and I ever since then I know I wanted to be a teacher to help kids and to make an impact in their lives. ” I learned a lot from the interview with Mr. Ashworth, hearing what he had to say about teach just making me wanna be a teacher even more than before. The very last quote he said is the one that’s going to stick with me, because I had a couple of teachers that made an impact in my life as well and it’s a big part of why I want to become a teacher to help kids and to maybe change their lives.

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