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Teacher Essay

Many people have influenced me in my life but most of all, my former head teacher, Ms. Sabadel, has had the strongest influence on me and on my learning. As the year passed she changed the way in which I approach new challenges and that without understanding, nothing makes sense in life. And to understand, it requires me more than to read books…

I first met her when entering high school where she taught Hungarian literature. Ms. Sabadel was a typical Hungarian kind-looking young lady, dressed in a very classy way. She only become or head teacher when we were at the 3rd year and from that point our student life completely changed. Those two last years were our best years.

Ms. Sabadel was not only a teacher but she was about to became a professor of mental psychology that

One of the reasons for I found her different from the rest of our professors was because I never felt like I was actually learning but gaining knowledge just by listening to her lectures that were always full of thoughts and meaning. I would always leave the classroom…. She has changed my attitude towards reading; I began to appreciate writers that I would never do before. She also paid attention to wider or view of literature by showing as some of contemporary literature, which was not part of the official curriculum, to give us a wider I did before.

She taught more than literature, she mixed that with psychology and sociology. That was the point when my attention turned to these subjects and I have started to read more and more about psychology.

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