Teacher education Essay

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Teacher education

The school where I have spent my entire childhood. the school which was like my second home.The school which gave me best friends in the whole wide world. The school which polished a rock into a diamond. The school which saw the hidden talents in me which I myself was never aware of. The school which gave me more than I desired, more than I deserved. The school where I have thousands memories attached to. The school which makes me cries whenever I come across the building. The school which welcomes me with open hands whenever I enter that building.

Yes this is my school, my In the years since we left the corridors of St. Michael’s School of Padada, through all the compelling changes that our lives (and bodies) have gone through, I look into the faces of everybody and I can say with conviction that everyone here is a SUCCESS. A success because our Catholic upbringing within the walls of this institution, molded us into individuals, who, by making a difference in the lives of a handful of people, that by struggling to be better than how we were when we walked out of the gates of SMSP. We, in our own way, have fanned the flames of the SWORD OF ST. MICHAEL and kept its fire ablaze

Think of the teachers we had in those days! They taught us to believe we are winners In a large sense, the education that you received shaped how you engage, interpret and act in the world around you. The life experiences that you underwent during your under-graduate careers contributed greatly to the development of your character, spurned you onto a greater level of independence and ultimately prepared you to deal with life’s twists and turns.

The relationships that you developed throughout this process will has witnessed every single phase of my life. The phase where we used to complain to the teacher ‘ miss yeh meri pencil wapas nae kar rae’ to the phase where we used to be kicked out of the class for talking a lot.

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