Teacher: Education and Teachers Essay

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Teacher: Education and Teachers

Who is a teacher? Teachers are the biggest influence in our lives because they are the one we look up with respect after parents. Parents gave us birth, but the birth of life in this society was given by our teachers. It is rightly said those who educate the children well are more to be honored than parents, for later only gave life, but former gave the art of life. Right from KG till what we are today it is our teachers who have made us climb step by step and have brought us up to this position.

Just think, if we didn’t find the support of teachers when we were climbing the steps of life then will we be able to reach the present position whatever we are now? Even if we want to ascend further steps we will need the guidance of teachers. Life without teachers is just like food without salt. Even KALPANA CHAWLA would not have reached space without the support of teachers. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches the heart. If the teachers would not have taught us alphabets in lower classes will we ever be able to stand in our life.

Today, there would have been no doctors, engineers, scientists in this world if these teachers would not have guided them in their career. If you stuck at line while you are reading or you have any doubt your friend, your parents may or may be able to solve it, but the person who is sure to solve it is our teachers. Teachers are the pillars of our life. Many think teachers impart only education, but it is wrong instead teacher teach us how to live in this competing world.

Anyone other than teacher can make us understand our subjects in simple language using demonstrations and examples? I don’t think so. Our teacher teaches from heart not from book. The former president of India Dr. A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM who is still recognized as a role model of the world would not have reached that finest position without the hand of support given by his teachers during his childhood. Teachers mould the students to bring out their skills and improvise those teaching good habits and helping them to become good citizens of nation.

They pass on knowledge and values to children, prepare them for further education. If nothing positive is happening in our life and we need someone to motivate us it our teachers who come to our rescue. A teacher becomes our friend when we need a shoulder to cry on, a parent when we need support, a philosopher when we need some advice and a critic when we going in a wrong path. A teacher has also become a teacher only with the support of their teachers.

Henry Ford said- Anyone who stops learning becomes old, whether he is at 20 or at 80, at the same time anyone who keeps on learning till the end stays young. So friends stay young and keep learning. In the end I would just conclude by a saying GOD understood our thirst of knowledge, Our need to be led by someone wiser, A person who has a heart of compassion, encouragement, patience A person who would accept the challenge regardless the opposition A person who sees the potential and believes the best in us And GOD made that person as TEACHERS…………

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