Teacher Education Essay

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Teacher Education

A teacher is someone whose job is to teach especially in a school whether it is a secondary school, primary school or even kindergarten. Every teacher should have their qualification in order to be a teacher in a school. So, I think that a kindergarten teacher should have at least a basic degree to qualify them to be a good kindergarten teacher. Why kindergarten teacher should have a basic degree? There are several reasons why kindergarten teachers need a basic degree which is to ensure the children get a good early education, the teachers can provide good teaching skills and to increase the competition among the university students nowadays.

Teachers with a basic degree will ensure the children get a good early education. As we all know, world nowadays needs people with high level of education and to fulfill this mission, we need a teachers with wide knowledges and experiences which is a graduated students with basic degree can provide. . Besides, the children are like a white and blank cloth so it is teachers and parents who will colour them. The teachers with a basic degree have good enough knowledge to teach their students and they can provide correct and good education for the kids thus producing good generation for the future.

The kindergarten teachers with a basic degree also can provide a good teaching skill for the students. At the university, the students are well teached with the ways to provide good study environment, good teaching skills and various styles to comfort the students. So, the teachers can teach the kids in a proper way ensuring they get a good education and the teachers can provide a good and enjoyful environment for the children to study well thus producing excellent and intelligent students. As we know, the children are very active so we need an enjoyful and bright environment to comfort them.

The needs for kindergarten teachers to have at least a basic degree can increase the competition among the university students nowadays. The rate of failure rate among the students in the university nowadays is increasing so the increase of qualification in order to get a job will ensure the students to study hard to achieve good results when they graduated. This will increase the level of education in our country thus producing good image for the country.

In conclusion, the kindergarten teachers should have at least a basic degree to make sure the children get a well early educat…

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