Teacher-an architect of the society Essay

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Teacher-an architect of the society

Teacher-an architect of the society The caption “Architect of the society” is a two-in-one caption. An architect is also the designer and the designer is also an architect. Upon the architect’s design is the construction undertaken. Who is a teacher? What is a society? And what constructive role does a teacher play in shaping the society? A teacher need not necessarily be a teacher in school. God’s and great sages have also played the role of teachers. Lord Krishna played the role of a teacher in helping Arjuna shed his lethargy, take his bow and arrow and fight those on the side of the Adharma which included his own preceptor. Socrates, his pupil Plato, his pupil Aristotle have all played the role of great teachers for 3 generations in shaping the Greek thought which later laid the foundation of the European society. Moses, Lord Jesus, Mohammed, the Prophet shaped the thought process of the Middle East and incidentally the whole world. It is through the student that the excellence of the teacher is brought out.

Sage Vishwamithra’s knowledge of archery was brought out through the exploits of Lord Rama when he pierced the seven trees with one arrow, while Dronacharya’ was brought out through Arjuna. It does not mean that the student should be a prototype or clone of a teacher. He should develop his own thoughts, add or contribute to further growth of thoughts. An interesting interaction between Gauthama, the Buddha and one of his disciple will testify to this. The disciple questions the Buddha. The Buddha answers many of his questions. The questioning continues and after a certain stage, the Buddha said, ”I don’t know”. The disciple asks, “Aren’t you the master?” “Yes” replied Buddha and said, “You should find the answers yourself and I don’t want to condition your mind or put a ceiling to your thought process” It is no longer “Aaya Kalaigal Arupathinaangu”. The various disciplines of study and knowledge are ever on the increase and the exponents of all the subjects be it architecture or astrology or zoology are all great teachers and have contributed to the sum total of knowledge and “Architects of the society”.

It includes Mathematicians and Astronomers like Bhaskara and Aryabhatta of India, Confusious and Tao of China, great builders of Rome and Greece, Scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin, Economists like Adam Smith and Karl Marx, Revolutionaries like Lenin and Mao Se Tung, Philosophers like Voltaire and Rousseau, Nation builders like Gandhiji and Nehru and Social reformers like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Teachers may come and go but their contribution remain and improved upon by their successors. Like the river which says, “Men may come and men may go, but I’ll go on forever”. Thought process is one such river. It all started with the pre-historic man trying to shape his implements to plough and hunt. We have now reached the stage that we have computers on our desk , cell phones to talk with anyone in any part of the globe. Satellites relay great inputs of planets like Moon and the Mars. We may also have our counterparts in other parts of the universe. It is a continuous and never ending process. Anyone who makes a contribution to this growth is a teacher and such teachers are the designers and architects of the society. Let us welcome them, glorify them and pray that their tribe is always on the increase.

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