Teacher Essay Topics

Professional teacher

Development takes what is there as a valuable starting point, not as something to be replaced, but a useful platform on which to build. To do so is to recognise not only that teachers do have valuable existing expertise but also that, if teachers are forced to choose, they will usually revert to their secure… View Article

Adjective Lesson Plan: Teaching with PPP

It is important that advanced students’ vocabulary continuously progresses. This teaching plan explains how to teach new adjectives. Date: 14 July 2013 Class Level: Level 7 – Advanced Students Length of Lesson:1 hour 5 minutes Lesson Type & Subject:Vocabulary: adjectives. Materials Needed: Pictures of weather, realia (abnormally large fruit/object, flower) and worksheet. Lesson Objective: Students… View Article

Teaching grammar in context

According to Constance Weaver’s book entitled Teaching Grammar in Context, this particular aspect of education helps the students used their language in a correct manner of putting phrases and thoughts together to create a single message that sends a rightful idea to the readers or the listeners of the message. This I the primary reason… View Article

Second language acquisition

Study: To access the impact of anxiety and age on second language learning. Method A personal information questionnaire was first provided to two classes (34) of adults studying in the second semester of a migrant English program, all of whom had undertaken an oral exam within their English program two weeks earlier. From this corpus… View Article

Teacher As A Resource For Students

The boy came from The Dominican Republic and did not speak English. This proved to be a problem not just for the young student but his teacher, classmates, and school as well. How would he learn, cope and thrive is his new environment? How would his new surrounding help him adjust? These were the questions… View Article

Evaluation of teaching

In groups students will successfully complete a procedural checklist/guide and then demonstrate the procedure following the checklist meeting the following criteria: Note made of all material needed for the procedure. Procedure for preparing the environment and the patient for the NG tube insertion described and performed satisfactorily. Each step for NG tube insertion outlined and… View Article

History Of St. Joseph Academy Of Valenzuela

In Everythingthere is a beginning and a time for every purpose under the heaven SJAV was founded at the right time and place with heavenly purpose. Sometime in a year of our Lord in nineteen hundred eighty six, a hardworking businessman met a very tragic experience that almost cost his life; without the timely assistance… View Article

How to Become a Effective Teacher

In general, education is a term often used to refer to formal education, which covers a range of experiences, from formal learning to the building of understanding and knowledge through day-to-day experiences. In fact, individuals receive informal education from a variety of sources, such as family members, peers, books and mass media. All of them… View Article

I Never Expected This

Hey guys, I’m writing my English exam soon, and would really appreciate it if you can give me some suggestions one how to improve this piece. The word limit is 400~450, so I’m a little over the limit here. Topic is: This is the story of a young man/woman who was able to escape from… View Article

Importance of English in Pakistan

As time is passing, the language of the English men and Americans seems to grow in significance. English is becoming the most common form of communication in the world and most of the countries in the world have their academic curriculum being taught in English. It is time for Pakistan to also make a shift… View Article

The Nature Of Teaching

INTRODUCTION             The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards maintains that “every child deserves a great teacher” (NBPTS, 2006). But what does it really takes to be a great teacher? What is being required of the teaching profession? The Board reported that there are about 55,000 teachers that have already been certified since 1987. How… View Article

Role as an English Teacher

Analyzing Ryan’s love for reading and writing, it can be understood that his literature and reading analysis work in Year 6 and Year 7 was not only non stimulating but also quite below the standard of the works that Ryan could produce on his own with out any help from his teachers and parents. There… View Article

The Teaching Profession

Having perused the description of the teaching career in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, I am convinced that teaching is one of the best professions.  It is not only joyful to impart learning to a group of children, but it also serves a very important purpose.  Teachers shape lives.  Therefore, I believe that there is no… View Article

Teacher Competency

Teachers in general should have at least these three characteristics to be considered as competent. These characteristics are strength, leadership and passion. Strength in character promotes other important characteristics for a teacher, like determination and dedication. Leadership empowers the creation and following of idealistic vision geared towards the welfare of the students and passion is… View Article

Whu I Am going To Be A Succesful Teacher

In pursuing a goal or an objective, a profound level of commitment must first be assured.  I contemplate my dreams and purposes in life along such premise.  And then, I reckon and inculcate values that will equip me along the way.  As such, my goal to become a successful teacher will be achieved because of… View Article

Strength as a Teacher

I have come to believe -after receiving some of my students´ feedback- that as a non-native speaker I did fairly well in teaching my lessons in the first two weeks. The students compared me to other non-native teacher they had been taught by before (in other Celta courses) and confirmed that I provided the most… View Article

Why I Want to Become a Teacher

I always wanted to become a teacher. The main reason for this is that I want to do something to help the community, and give back some of the privileges that I enjoyed. Some of these privileges included a great education, and caring teachers. I could see myself accomplishing this task through teaching. New York… View Article

Traditional And Alternative Training Of Teachers

1   Introduction The executive department of the federal government is responsible for providing assistance and urging educational institutions to carry out educational research (U.S. Department of Education, 2004). The national education agenda, like the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, calls schools for reforms and improvement, which can be achieved through research in… View Article

Why I Would Be a Teacher

Teaching is a dignified, desirable, and demanding occupation. It is a profession which requires knowledge, patience, understanding, and a growing desire to help others. Unfortunately, it is most often under paid, underappreciated, and undervalued by numerous standards. So why does the writer of this paper want to teach? Was it a calling or is it… View Article

The First Day of Middle School

Middle school is a milestone for most people. The pressure for a newcomer can be exhausting and stressful. Upcoming sixth graders must adjust to their new environment. Unlike elementary school classes, middle school classes contain shorter periods, more quizzes and tests, and more homework. The new adjustment to lockers can be difficult or easy; the… View Article

On “Education” in “Modern” India

As I was sat down, trying to ‘learn’ chemistry one Friday evening, I began thinking on our education system due to which I had to study in such a poor way; it’s a pity, that I have started hating the subject, or all subjects for that matter, the more the examinations approached. To that end,… View Article

Roles and Responsibilty of Teacher

Some of the important objectives of this assignment are: * To learn about legislation, regulations and code of practice with in the circle of teacher’s role and responsibilities. * To develop equality and diversity and to have a look on practices to fulfil needs of learners. * Review boundaries with other professionals and points of… View Article

Individual Lesson Plan: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Introduction: In this lesson, 2nd grade students will participate in a class on the life cycle of a butterfly. Students will learn standards-aligned science concepts and also benefit from cross-curricular instruction, through the incorporation of reading, writing, and hands-on activities. These modalities will be used to help students understand the concept of the life cycle… View Article

Speech of Gratitude

To our beloved principal, to our academic coordinator, to our ever supportive teachers and staff, and to our family, most especially our parents, friends, fellow classmates and students. Ladies and Gentlemen, a pleasant morning to everyone. High school life, an unforgettable memory in every student’s life. Before I entered this school, I was so clueless…. View Article

Student Personnel Administration

Meaning and Concept of Student Personnel Administration Student personnel administration is interested in studying those services and activities that will make the student perform better academically, socially, mentally, etc. it is therefore interested in discussing the services or treatment that will be meted out to the students so that they can contribute maximally to academics,… View Article

Terror Teachers

When children begin to go to school at ages as early as 4 years old, the parents entrust the teachers to care for them and teach them what is right from wrong. This way, the teachers are viewed as the second parents to the children that they teach. The teachers’ role as second parents is… View Article

The Characteristics of a Good Teacher

Write an essay about the characteristics of a good teacher. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl so I usually read all the articles about how to become a good teacher. They always have a lot of differences but there are some things in common. Those things are… View Article

Who Are The Professors And What Do They Do?

Well, the term professor has a variety of meaning depending on where one is. For instance, while in the U.S the term professor is used to refer to any university teacher, in Italy the term may refer to a high school teacher. The illustrate oxford dictionary (1998:654) provides three different meanings which are: a university… View Article

The Disciplinary Problems Among High School Students

On the other hand, professional qualities include traits related to the effective teaching and other qualities which have relationship with the acquisition of knowledge and managerial skills. How teachers and students successfully intermingle inside the classroom is determined largely by the teacher’s personality. The quality of interaction during the learning process shall be laid upon… View Article