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Teacher Essay Examples

Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off

Suggestions have been raised over the child benefits in United States. For example, Iain Duncan Smith’s suggested that child-related benefits should be limited to two offspring in a family. The fight against the child benefits aren’t justified as they are ill treated. The move should be encouraged as it has helped a good number of…

Ethics, politics and bio-pedagogy in physical education teacher education: easing the tension between the self and the group

Art is a skill that has aesthetic results. There are different types of art like music and paintings that are similar in composition in a way since they convey certain messages and demonstrates creativity. Therefore, there are general standards that artists agree to that constitutes art that assists in distinguishing suitable art from unsuitable one….

Preventing bullying in schools: A guide for teachers and other professionals

The issues associated with bullying and violence in school is seen to be rampant even in the community. These issues are related to threats, physical aggression, and harassment and teasing. However, it is important to note that the behavior should not be accepted as it is an anti-social behavior which destabilizes the quality of school…



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Past Meets Present: Archaeologists Partnering with Museum Curators, Teachers, and Community Groups

Anthropology Statistics Introduction             In Archeological excavation retrieval of intact artifacts or remains is quite a challenge.             Archeology is the study of remains of human or animal or remains of human culture. It is very important in putting together the events of the past. It has helped to authenticate both written history and unwritten…

Teachers Meeting Standards

In todays society of teaching, teachers are expected to inspire students even as they help them succeed and get good grades on difficult tests. Teachers are now held capable of assessing students abilities to meet a variety of different standards. Also, another main focus in teaching and meeting specific standards is professional development and the…

“Up the Down Staircase”

 The text under consideration with a very unusual and remarkable title “Up the Down Staircase” is one of the best novels of our time was written by Bel Kaufman, an American author. She worked as a teacher of the English language and literature in a New York high school for 15 years. “Up the Down…

The Role of the Teacher

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs found today. It demands broad knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards; Enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of learning; Knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques; and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. With all these qualities required, it’s no…

Can Computers replace Teachers?…No

I don’t believe it can be true! I will now justify my reasons. Teacher is the best guide of a child.One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. But no machine can do the work of one extra-ordinary man.and teachers are extraordinary It would be easier for a computer to build informative children…

Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle

There is often an assumption that, if we give people some training it’s bound to do some good and often simply experiencing a training event can result in learning. However the chances are far greater when a systematic approach to teaching is applied. The ‘teaching/training cycle’ is the classic method of carrying out the teaching…

Some students like classes where teachers lecture in class

Other students prefer classes where students do some of the talking. Which type of class do you prefer? Give specific reasons and examples to support your choice. From past 10 years, I have experienced a number of teachers who are in various class teaching styles. On one side, parts of the students like their teacher…

Methods Used by Elementary Teachers in Managing Misbehavior in the Classroom

Introduction In today’s society, teachers at all grade levels face a growing number of students whose behavior challenges the success of daily classroom instruction. Managing misbehavior in the classroom remains one of the persistent difficulties of teaching. Whether it is in the elementary or secondary and tertiary education, the management of the pupil’s conduct remains…

Slogan My Teacher My Hero Essays and Term Papers

Northern and Southern Dynasties (386 – 589) The Northern and Southern Dynasties period (386 – 589) was a time of division in Chinese history, during which the Yellow River watershed of China first experienced a period of cultural transformation under the rule of a minority group. After the fall of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317…


“CAN you still remember your Grade I teacher?” This was once the by-line of an advertisement of one financial institution. This is also the base concept of the play “Ang Guro” staged by Stairs Production and Imagination Beyond Events Philippines at West Negros University Gym last Saturday, January 21. The musical play was written by…

Teacher as a Nation Builder

Essay On THE TEACHER AS A NATION BUILDER The importance of the teacher in national life cannot be over-emphasized. It is he who influences the immature minds of the youth. He treats and tries to mold the living stuff into various forms. The future of the nation is fashioned by him through the process of…

Jonhson Matthey case study analysis teacher guide

Suggested resources & activities related to PEST analysis and Johnson Matthey Full Johnson Matthey case study MP3 of the Johnson Matthey case study External influences PowerPoint Johnson Matthey crossword Johnson Matthey word search Suggested timings for the session 10 mins 5 mins 5 mins 10 mins 20 mins 10 mins Starter e.g. Johnson Matthey crossword…


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