Taxation in the U. S. Essay

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Taxation in the U. S.

Taxation is one of the ways through which governments collect revenues to fund different operations important for their functioning. The tax is obtained from several income sources including personal income tax, national sales tax, Social Security payroll tax, Capital gains taxes. Canadian has high levels of taxation, and conservatives are advancing proposals for a flat or single-rate tax. The Dick Armey plan of tax reform. in the U. S.

tax system, intends to scrap virtually all current deductions, credits, exclusions and exemptions, as well as the five current tax brackets and in their place establish a single 17 percent tax rate on a much broader tax base. Under the current tax system, more than one-half of all personal income goes untaxed because of various deductions, exclusions and exemptions. For business a 17 Percent tax base would consist of total receipts less cash wages and purchases of goods, services and materials used in business, as well as all capital equipment.

It would eliminate the inequities of the current system, promote growth and improve fairness and simplicity. To me Dick Army tax plan is a noble idea that will create the revenues, bring uniformity and broaden the tax bracket. The Universal service is more concerned with issues of improving the U. S national security preventing the permanent threat of terrorism and closes the growing social and political differences between servicemen and civilians that began with loopholes in the Vietnam draft.

But this has not yet been achieved for the fact that, the news media has problems covering the military operations because there are so few journalists with military experience. Today, we would include specialties such as emergency medical service, firefighting, communication and civil defense to the training so as to improve the Civil-Military Gap. The gap goes far beyond a simple reporter-source conflict to a rift between military and civilian society.

Very few journalists today have served in the military. The old thought that a good reporter is good anywhere doesn’t apply in the complexities of the modern world. It’s hard to make sense of an operation if you think a Navy captain and an Army captain have the same rank. To avoid these news organizations will make their best efforts to assign experienced journalists to combat operations and to make them familiar with U. S. military operations.

That means special training. The preparation of the U. S. military to fight a sustained war against terrorism is encouraging. To conclude news organization must to employ journalists with expertise in military operations and this will keep the civilians well informed. The issue of immigration is putting the government on pressure since the Hispanics who are 31million have moved to cities and strained local governments trying to serve long-time residents.

Since the Hispanic are none English speaking, the police department struggle to find Spanish-speaking officers is a positive step towards ensuring equity and justice prevails in the in major metropolitan areas particularly in the West and South where states are grappling with over-crowding . The nation’s non-Hispanic white population, now the largest, is expected to grow the slowest in the next 30 years, while the Hispanic population will represent 44 percent of the 72 million additional people in the U. S.

this is expected to overstretch the learning facilities with half of the students who don’t speak English, this means that the school curriculum may require reforms to accommodate the huge number of students joining them. An influx of immigrants is blamed for job losses and higher housing costs. My feeling is that city councils must plan very fast so as to provide the required services to the residents. Reference http://www. ncpa. org/ba/ba136. html http://www. ncpa. org/pd/immigrat/effects. html http://www. ncpa. org/iss/nat/pd102601f. html

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