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I would like to thank you for coming into the office and permitting us to review and deliberate the concerns you have with your tax questions. Please contact me, after you both have studied my suggestions, so we can address any other questions you may have at that time. John Smith’s questions: 1(a) How is… View Article

Tax Policies

Taxes are financial charges or levies impose by a government on companies or individuals as a source of government revenue. Government needs revenues to cover their expenditure, which include enforcement of law and order, security, public works and infrastructures. The government also finances education and health care systems. Taxes are levied to transfer wealth from… View Article

Federal Income Tax

ABSTRACT: Of late, tax reform is the main subject widely debated in all the corners of the US. As an alternative to the existing federal income tax system, there are many proposals such as “reduction of tax rates, broadening of tax base, reducing tax to GDP ratios, flattening of tax structure “.  The Flat rate… View Article

Major v. Brodie

Case Law Where the tax liability of an English taxpayer depended on the nature of some entity or structure which was not constituted under English law, the matter was to be determined by reference to the actual legal characteristics of that entity or structure under its own governing law. To the extent that the taxpayers’… View Article

Tax Returns

Consider an accountant who prepares tax returns. Suppose a form 1040EZ requires $12 in computer resources to process and 22 minutes of the accountant’s time. Assume a form 1040A takes $25 in computer resources and needs 48 minutes of the accountant’s time. If the accountant can spend $630 on computer resources and has 1194 minutes… View Article

The Progressive Tax System

What is a progressive tax system and how does it work?             A progressive tax is a system of taxation imposed on the payers in such a way that the effective tax rate applied increases as the amount to which that particular rate is applied increases. Simply put: The bigger the amount to be taxed,… View Article

Origin of the term black money

• The term black money is of a recent origin which first came to be used around the year 2000. It is another variation of advance fee fraud and is also called a ‘wash wash scam’. The scam came to be known as black money scam was originally handled by swindlers or conmen who fraudulently… View Article

Soju (South Korea)

Soju is one of the most famous alcoholic beverage in Korea. Though other competitors are present in abundance but soju as has its advantage because of the alcohol content which is 25% and the most important is its pricing, lowest in the market. Moreover soju was very popular among the youngsters in Korea and was… View Article

Existing Direct Tax System and Proposed Direct Tax Code in India

Tax is defined as a compulsory payment made to the government by the individuals firms and companies without any expectation of a direct return. In general there are two types of tax system prevailing in our country. One is direct tax and other is indirect tax. Here we will restrict our discussion to direct tax… View Article

Corporations today

In the United States today there are millions of corporations in many different industries. All of them must abide by the current taxation rules and regulations that have been set by IRS and congress. The Internal Revenue Code, which was originally founded in 1939, set the foundation for the codification that we have in place… View Article

Trends in Fiscal Policy of India

ABSTRACT This essay traces the major developments in India’s fiscal policy from the early stages of planned development in the 1950s, through the country’s balance of payments crisis of 1991, the subsequent economic liberalisation and rapid growth phase, the response to the global financial crisis of 2008 and the recent post-crisis moves to return to… View Article

Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone

Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone (VSEZ) formerly known as VEPZ was established in 1989 offers state of the art infrastructure coupled with liberal package of incentives, concessions and support services. The export-friendly administrative set up ensures disposal of all approvals and clearances instantly. SEZ’s (Special Economic Zones) are a geographic location within a country which represents… View Article

Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship

My reaction in syntax law ,I`am so happy when the syntax law is now on the law that many people will minimize their(bisyo)The Recto bill was not well-received by the various sectors championing sin tax reform as it sought to retain the multitiered system and increase excise tax collection from tobacco and alcohol products by… View Article

UK Tax System

Tax in simple terms refers to the government raising money to spend on public services which includes health and social security system and education. Tax levied on a number of goods and services in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT), such as income tax on the money we earn. Tax can also be imposed… View Article

Zimbabwe Taxation

The tax system currently enforced in Zimbabwe under the authority of the Income tax Act Chap 23. 06 with Acts like the Capital Gains Act Chap 23. 01, Finance Act Chap 23. 04 and the Excise duties Act as complimentary. The system evolved from traditional ideologies perpetuated from pre pre-colonial era up to now. The… View Article

Sin Tax Law

“It has been a long battle for the sin tax reform measure proposed as early as 1997. For almost 16 years, the bill was debated on, scrutinized and sometimes set aside… but we have proven that nothing is impossible for a country that rows in one direction,” Mr. Aquino said. Davao Rep. Isidro T. Ungab… View Article

Taxation Issues

The individual income tax consists of taxes on compensation income (from employment), business income, and passive income (interests, dividends, royalties, and prizes). In 1998 compensation income tax rates were restructured into 6 bands with marginal rates ranging from 5% to 35%. Exemption levels are 20,000 pesos (about $400) for individual, and 32,000 pesos (about $640)… View Article

Alternative minimum taxable income

In 1969, Congress had noticed that 155 people with high incomes were legally using so many deductions and other tax breaks that they were virtually paying nothing in federal income taxes. This angered many tax paying citizens and embarrassed the government. In an effort to fix the system Congress came up with the alternative minimum… View Article

Alternative Minimum Tax

Good to hear from you Alex. Estate and gift tax can be a burden so let me help you clear the air and give you a fresh take on what to do. First I’m going to want to explain to you the estate tax formula. Then I will discuss the interplay between gift and estate… View Article

Impact of Tax

Income tax is a tool to achieve economic growth in any country. Income tax is accepted not only as a means of raising the required public revenue, but also as an essential fiscal instrument for managing the economy (Burgess, 1993). Of all the taxing systems, income tax plays a major role in generation of revenue… View Article

Discuss About the Duty of Paying Taxes

Paying taxes has become a compulsory obligation of each citizen for a long time but in recent years, there have some heated debates with many people believing that paying taxes is a work expressing adequately their responsibilities with society. While others clam that it is not enough to become a good citizen. First and foremost,… View Article

Hr in Action Case Incident

1.Mr. Fisher made a number of mistakes, the first being his trying to set up and run a company in the American way. He did not investigate the local laws and cultures to see what, if any differences there would be in areas of sales and employment. He did not consider local taxing rules where… View Article

Industrial Budget

* Budget session begins under the chair of Dr Fehmida Mirza * Newly elected member Israr Tareen took oath * Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh delivered budget speech amid opposition protest. * The economy the government inherited in 2008 was very unstable, unbalanced and in bad shape. Foreign exchange reserves were down and the value of… View Article

Pros and Cons of Obama Care

The Affordable Care Act withstood many trials on its way toward becoming reality, from epic congressional battles, to a pivotal Supreme Court ruling, to — finally — yesterday’s Presidential election. Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images Obama’s reelection means his health-care reform act has dodged its last bullet, and the age of universal mandates,… View Article

Negative Economic Impact of the Ppaca

Negative Economic Impact of the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also referred to as ObamaCare, federal healthcare law, Affordable Care Act, or ACA, is a United States federal Statute signed into law on March 23, 2010, by President Barack Obama. In combination with the Healthcare and… View Article

Reaction: Sin Tax Law

I am so glad of the very purpose of passing the sin tax law which is to protect the health and save the lives of the countrymen. This simply means that the government officials are concern about the good health of all Filipinos but this doesn’t mean that I am into this bill, for some… View Article

Sin Tax Bill (For the Government)

According to James Sadowsky, author of The Economics of Sin Taxes, taxes imposed on products seen as vices such as alcoholic liquors and tobaccos are called sin tax. Aside from the commodities being objects of disapproval, even their consumers accept such taxes because they seem to hit two birds in one stone. First, they raise… View Article

Income Tax Planning Wrt Individual Assesee

This Income Tax Planning in India with respect to Individual Assessee MBA Project covers the basics of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as amended by the Finance Act, 2007 and broadly presents the nuances of prudent tax planning and tax saving options provided under these laws. Any other hideous means to avoid or evade tax… View Article

Tax Administration

Tax administration attaches great importance to all forms of taxes, in the sense that they aim at reducing tax evasion to its minimum level. Ghana has relatively a long tax history on tax administration. According to the Report of the Tax Review Commission (Parts 1, 2 & 3),” Accra, (1977) the first custom law was… View Article

Documentation Payroll System

Project Context As Computer technology nowadays, changes at such time, many businesses factors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. The multifunction ability of technology for its advance system is also an important factor for a company to use software. It makes efficient use of the advance technology… View Article