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Tax Code

1. Falit (as cited by Robertson, 2007) states that one improvement in the 2007 proposal is that the Bush Administration still seemed fixated on the “Health Savings Accounts” which were too complicated to really help the average American, and simply expanding them would have helped little. Moreover, this needless complication created another “market distortion associated with conditioning the deductibility of insurance premiums on purrchasing a high deductible plan, hence, leaving some residual incentive to purchase coverage through an employer, and therefore hinders specialization and innovation within the insurance market.

As for the cons of the program, Bush plans to increase funding for community health centers that provide primary and preventive health care services to medically underserved populations. He has set out to ‘establish a Community Health Center or rural clinic in every high-poverty county in America that can support one. ‘However, the 2007 plan is costless for the Federal Treasury, which suggests that these credits and other funding have been left out.

But even if the 2007 plan included credits, they would have to be sufficiently large and advanceable, so that Americans could access the money when they need it for health expenses, not a year later when they file their taxes. According to Trapp (2007), President Bush and some Republicans favor an SCHIP focused on families earning, at most, 250% of the federal poverty level, with safeguards to ensure it serves lower-income children first. Many Democrats and some other Republicans want SCHIP to cover children in families earning 300% or more of the poverty level and to make it easier to enroll.

2. According to Benjamin Franklin, there were many laws made by the rich for the support of the laboring poor who would indeed be enabled by it to get by degrees above poverty considered every wage increase that enabled them to drink more and work less; so that their distress in sickness, age, or times of scarcity, continued to be the same as if such laws had never been made in their favor (http://www. historycarper. com/resources/twobf3/labourin. htm) References Trapp, D. (2007, September 10). Bush SCHIP limits hurt efforts to expand kids coverage, states say.

A new policy would restrict access largely to children from families earning less than 250% of the poverty level. American Medical News. Retrieved December 6, 2007 from AMNews database. Robertson, C. (2007, January 21). Can Pres. Bush Bring Health Insurance to 47 Million Americans By One Quick Fix to the Tax Code? Message posted to http://www. tpmcafe. com/blog/warrenreports/2007/jan/20/ The Writings of Benjamin Franklin: London, 1757 – 1775. Retrieved December 6, 2007 from http://www. historycarper. com/resources/twobf3/labourin. htm

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