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Taxation for redistribution is at par with forced labor

From this essay it is evident that taxation for redistribution is at par with forced labor. This is evident from the Nozick arguments regarding how taxation forces people to work. The main argument provided by this scholar is that people will be forced to work extra hours so that they can earn what is enough for them even after the government has deducted their percentage in terms of ta...


This is a powerful representation of the state of company as of that time which is result of close inspection during a time of transition. What she does not mention is how this compares to the first couple of years of the strategy implementation of broadening services. As of today, the picture is brighter and the company, while still a long way from being there, is closer to achieving some of the ...

Should the government impose tax on junk food

That's not to say Americans don't believe the government should be doing more: Just one in five give the country an A or B grade when it comes to fighting obesity. Twice as many gave the country a D or F, while 35 percent offered a C grade. Fifty-seven percent say obesity is a "very serious" public health problem, and another 38 percent call it a somewhat serious problem. Just five percent say it ...

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Should people on welfare have to be drug tested

The idea is simple; no taxpayer wants to see their hard earned money to pay for someone on welfare to pay for drugs. Taxpayers deserve to know that their hard-earned dollars are used wisely and not funding drug use for welfare recipients. It’s not right to take the taxpayers money for drug users. Welfare pays for many different things like unemployment, housing assistance, foods stamps and more....

Corporate governance ethics

Corporate governance involves directing and controlling all operations of a corporation. Therefore, all unethical issues are as a result of incompetent corporate governance.  Most ethical problems associated by poor corporate governance include evasion of taxes, not meeting their corporate social responsibilities such as environmental protection and unfair wages to employees and production of poo...

Financial Managing Application for the Business

The reason for the past profit and losses could be the problem of the financial management software. As per the given care study, the software that has been used was not able to provide sufficient analysis of the generated revenue and the expenses which has made poor estimates about future profits and decision making. The growing of the customer base has helping loyalty sales and also new referenc...

Financial Forecasting & Planning

The difference between what you collect and what you pay out in VAT is passed on in due course to Customs & Excise. There is more paperwork involved if you are VAT registered - you need tax invoices showing your VAT number, an analyzed VAT account, and VAT return forms. It may, however, be advantageous to register voluntarily if your sales are below the turnover limit, because VAT paid on purc...

Economic Crisis and Response in the Philippines

The Arroyo administration’s poor fiscal position was attributed to weakening tax effort (still resulting from the 1997 CTRP) and rising debt servicing costs (due to peso depreciation). Large fiscal deficits and heavy losses for monitored government corporations were observed during this period. National debt-to-GDP ratio reached an all-time high during the Arroyo administration, averaging at 69....

A good Citizen

These two leaders worked their way to the top and achieved their goal whilst being a good citizen and helping Nigeria become a better place. So be a good citizen and follow the traits, work your way to the top and achieve greatness and remember…….. ‘’There are three periods in the life of a people or in the life of a country … yesterday, today and tomorrow… Tomorrow belongs to visionar...

Training Needs of Barangay Officials

Course objectives: This course is about taxing, borrowing, and spending. It builds on the financial management skills acquired in GSM 504, GSM 532, GSM 533, this course is designed to provide the basic tools of financial and budget analysis needed for a career in public management, including consulting, or for service as an appointed or elected official or a voluntary board member. This course is ...

Social implications of business ethics

Chris Moyles admits to joining a tax avoidance scheme that would have cost the UK £290million. It wasn’t only Chris Moyles there was also a former Radio 1 DJ who pretended to be a used car salesman hit by losses to save up to £1 million in tax payments. The guy joined a scheme called ‘Working Wheels’ which boasted 450 high earning members, including celebrities. The star, who earned £500,...

Accounting Personal Statement

Selecting to be Moss Adams Scholar would definitely help me achieve my goal. No need to say, Moss Adams is one of the most successful accounting firms in the United States. It is the 11th largest accounting and consulting firm in the United States, and the largest headquartered in the West. The variety of services Moss Adams offers in assurance, tax, and consultation services would absolutely help...

Corporation and all other organizational forms

2-24. Suppose your firm receives a $5 million order on the last day of the year. You fill the order with $2 million worth of inventory. The customer picks up the entire order the same day and pays $1 million upfront in cash; you also issue a bill for the customer to pay the remaining balance of $4 million in 30 days. Suppose your firm’s tax rate is 0% (i.e., ignore taxes). Determine the conseque...

Economics Land Reform

1. Inquilinato System – under this system, the tenant bore all the risks. The absentee landlord merely waited for the harvest and collected annual rent. 2. Kasama System – the tenant usually furnished the land, farm tools, seeds and expenses for transplanting and harvesting. Although the sharing was regulated by la, abuses by the Land Lord continued unabated because of the weaker position of t...

Government debt

Ro, S. (2013, February 5). Business Insider. Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com/cbo-budget-and-economic-outlook-2013-2 Still on the Cliff. (2013). Retrieved from http://corp.bankofamerica.com/business/bi/perspective/resource?p_a_id=668579&g_id=10157&cm_mmc=GCB-Integrated-_-Google-PS-_-government%20debt-_-May%202013%20-%20Still%20on%20a%20Cliff%20-%20Gov.%20Spending%20-%20Phrase...

Hiding from Reality

In the end there is no such thing as a perfect society, or utopia. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t try to make improvements to help rebuild our country. Bob Herbert is right when he says this country will always be in a sad shape, that’s because as of right now there is little to no effort in rejuvenating our nation. There will always be unemployment and inflation, that’s inevitable...

Tax evasion case

Under the current regime, there is a fractured credit mechanism where businesses don't get credit for all the taxes they pay. The effort to prepare for a smooth integration with the GST without any hardship to public is a big challenge, which needs to be handled at the field as well policy level. GST is the future of all indirect taxes in India for which a consensus is needed between the central a...

Efforts to Reduce the USA State Budget Deficit

The United States experienced more downfall such as the terrorist attacks of September 11th and the continued was on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. This alone sent us further into a financial crisis and caused politicians to go back and forth in debates, until President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner reached an agreement and signed into law on August 2, 2011, the Budget Control Ac...

The intangible assets section of the balance sheet

Holmgren’s insurance policy of $9,000,000 has a deductible clause of $500,000. How should Holmgren Chemical report this information in its financial statements at December 31, 2012? 3.Shinobi Inc. had a manufacturing plant in Darfur, which was destroyed in the civil war. It is not certain who will compensate Shinobi for this destruction, but Shinobi has been assured by governmental officials tha...

Capital investment analysis and inflation and capital investment analysis with taxation

The project cost is N1.4m and has an estimated residual value of N10,500. The above cash flow profile has not taken into consideration the effect of changing prices. If effect on changing selling prices are taken into consideration cash revenue are expected to rise by 10% after year 1 and operating expenses by 11% after year 1. General level of inflation in the country is currently 15%.SCG Ltd can...

Tax Planing - nature and forms of Business, Sec 10A of income Tax Act of 1961

In case an undertaking eligible for deduction under this section is transferred, before the expiry of the specified period, to another Indian company in a scheme of amalgamation or demerger – (a) no deduction shall be admissible under this section to the amalgamating or the demerged company for the previous year in which the amalgamation or demerger takes place ; and (b) the provisions of this s...

Effects of syntax bill to student smokers of Mindanao University of Science and Technology

Syntax bill is House Bill 5727 which means--- a measure that seeks to unify and increase the excise tax rates for alcohol and especially for cigarettes. Is it important that we know the effect syntax bill to the selected student smokers of Mindanao University of Science and Technology. This study also asks the students on how the cigarettes, tobacco, and etc. affect their daily life, especially in...

Money Management in Barangay Caranglaan

As cash flow management broad field encompassing activities and operation as planning, budgeting expenditure and cash management. The study delimited into two activities: 1.Cash inflow. Cash inflow activities are delimited on the cash budget received from the government and the generated income of the barangay. 2.Cash outflow. Cash outflow are delimited on the appropriation and allotment of cash i...

Causes of Parallel Economy in India

There are various issues related to the income of these trusts. It is generally the ignorance of devotees that prompt such a large amount of donations to these temples. 17.Paying Bribes- Paying bribes to the government officials for various purposes has become very common in modern times. Paying bribes for obtaining legal sanctions for the illegal immovable property, paying bribes to the traffic c...

Philippine Taxation System

Abola, Victor, Villegas, Bernardo, (2001). Economics An Introduction. Pasig City, Philippines: Inkwell Publishing Company, Inc. Cuevas, R.C., Paraiso O.C., Larano, L.C., (2011). Macroeconomics. Malabon City: Mutya Publishing House, Inc. Mankiw G.N., (2013). Principles of Economics. Pasig City, Philippines: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd (Philippine Branch). McCaCandless, G.T. (1991). Macroeconomics...

Job Fair Brochure

I choose the company structure, business model and culture based on the on-going need of these services for every individual and new small businesses that are starting almost daily. The tax laws are changing all the time and it is important to know the changes that affect every person and business. I have been to and have seen many businesses like this one that I have created where the employees h...

The Financial Case Study

7.) Can flotation costs be ignored in the analysis? Explain. In this case, having a flotation cost for debt as much as 5% and for equity as much as 10% already comprises a material amount, and if ignored, there would be a tendency of miscalculation that would eventually lead to the misinterpretation of the information. Though it is not an essential variable in computing for the WACC, flotation cos...

Promote Products & Service

3D COFFEE'''' will provide a space, an suitable environment for many different demands of customers as well as creating healthy recreation and relax with some reasonable prices. When customers come to "Coffee 3D" that they will be integrated into the environment lively, friendly and everyone will be linked together easier. Furthermore, this shop will satisfy all the needs of the individual or coll...

The Tokugawa Shogunate Downfall in History

This loss of control of the populace through all classes and the increasing presence the western world eventually proved too much and allowed the Satsuma and Choshu opposing clans to restore imperial administration. This led after some minor warfare to the resignation of the last Shogun. I think we can determine from this slice of history that a ridged government does not necessary cause things to...

Main features of the five sector circular flow model

The five sector circular flow model is very useful is helping to easily understand the way an open economy such as Australia works. It is a complete model including all possible sectors leaving nothing to assume. On a more careful analysis it even becomes possible to workout ways of stimulating and suppressing the economy using assumptions and simple equations. This model is especially helpful to ...

Fat Tax

The most important part of the tax at this time is the amount of revenue it will produce, and the United States needs it desperately. If the revenue is produced according to plan, then it has served its purpose over a four year period and will begin to help with the health issues on its own eventually. It is a serious issue in the United States and needs to be addressed, but it will be a long proc...

Main Users of financial Reports and Their Conflicts

Although different users have different interests in business, the conflict can mainly be solved by the general-purpose and standardized format of financial statements. Because it is very costly and impractical to produce a different financial reports to each and every specific users, it is widely accepted that a general-purpose financial statements be produced to satisfy the most needs of the all...

Week 6 Homework Solutions

Contrast the effects of paying off an internally held debt and paying off an externally held debt. Answer Paying off internally held debt is analogous to the left hand paying the right hand; dollars are redistributed, but there is no domestic loss of wealth. Paying off externally held debt represents an outflow of wealth from the country. Note that this isn't necessarily bad if the external debt w...

Wk 6 homework solutions

debt and the debt held by the public. Why is the debt as a percentage of GDP more relevant than the total debt? Contrast the effects of paying off an internally held debt and paying off an externally held debt. Answer Paying off internally held debt is analogous to the left hand paying the right hand; dollars are redistributed, but there is no domestic loss of wealth. Paying off externally held de...

Industrial Revolution and The Farmers' Grievances

Finally, the farmers believed that their chief grievance was against the system of money and banking. The value of the dollar was greater than it once had been. It would buy two bushels of grain where formerly it would but only one. The overproduction theory, low prices of goods and high interest rates added together with the commissions, debts and mortgages made the rising value of the dollar a s...

Tax Audit and Tax Investigation in Malaysia

Mike Moffatt (2009). Income taxes- government spending on infrastructure. The effect of income tax on economic growth. Retrieved 27 February, 2009, from http://economics.about.com/cs/taxpolicy/a/taxing_growth_3.htmT Pettinger (n.d.). Advantages of tax cuts. Retrieved 26 February, 2009, from http://www.economicshelp.org/2008/01/advantages-of-tax-cuts.htmlTax policy (2009). Fiscal and tax policy. Re...

Democrats and Republicans on Taxes and Other Issues

Both political parties have a lot of different opinions. It is up to the voter to decide which party they feel has similar beliefs. Democrats and Republicans have very strong beliefs and only some now a days try to follow the ways for when the original parties were in session. In conclusion, the difference between a liberal and a conservative can no longer be defined within the constraints of the ...

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