Tax Essay Topics

Gambling: a cash cow for provincial government

1. What do you think? Is it okay for government to be in the gambling business? As far as I am concerned, it is very vital for government to be in the gambling business. Government is the most powerful department of the country, so it is okay for government to be in the gambling business… View Article

United States Income Tax

Income tax, in general is one of the ways how a government earns money. Through it, institutions, roads, healthcare, facilities, etc. are funded. The United States of America has one of the most productive and effective income tax systems in the world as observed in its strong economies. In early 1700’s, the nation’s taxes majority… View Article

Truth in the Legality of Income Taxes

On April 15 Americans rush to a crowded parking lot, racing against a deadline to file their 1040. These well-intentioned, hard working, honorable Americans believe that they are duty bound and even bound by a law requiring them to pay an income tax on their labor. Also, there exists a populous with like-attributes who do… View Article

Housing Prices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey

Housing prices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey have risen since 2001 for a variety of factors. The paper will look at which state housing prices have risen the most and why, as well explain how government spending and taxes have effected housing prices. According to the website for the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise… View Article

What Should Be Used: Single or Multiple Vat Rates

One of the most interesting things to discuss is: Do multiple rates influence the prices or is it better to have just one VAT rate for all goods and services? Before finding out if the VAT influences prices, we should know what its role is. Value added tax is a tax on the value added… View Article

Research Paper Taxation

Wage is the fixed amount of compensation for service rendered covering a fixed period of time, usually hours, or fixed amount of work. It is usually a compensation given to skilled and unskilled labor. Commission is usually a wage given to skilled and unskilled labor. Commission is usually a wage given to a salesperson based… View Article

Increasing Taxes on Alcohol and Cigarettes

•“Sin taxes” on cigarettes and alcohol are designed to boost revenue, not improve public health •Minimum alcohol pricing will exacerbate poverty and entrench inequality without discouraging binge drinking •Most of the costs of drinking and smoking fall on individual consumers, not the public. There is no economic justification for increasing taxes on smokers and drinkers…. View Article

Sin Tax Bill

Philippines—A “sin tax” on cigarettes and alcohol dampened the New Year party spirit when it was introduced in the Philippines Tuesday, as part of a government bid to boost finances. Many stores started selling tobacco and drink at inflated prices before midnight, ahead of the official implementation of the tax hikes on January 1, hitting… View Article

What Is GST?

* GST is a comprehensive tax on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at a national level and aimed to remove the cascading effect of tax, standardise the procedural aspect and create a single, unified Indian market to strengthen the economy. * Its effective implementation would change the tax administration and the manner… View Article

Low-Cost Computers for the Developing World

Introduction The tax in all ages of the main themes that ran researchers because of their Close contact conditions peoples, and that in terms of political, economic and social, Taxes are link material that binds the individual government, one of the most important tools used by governments in drawing its financial, economic and social terms… View Article

Summary on the Situation of the United Way Today

This past year United Way was marked with new and strengthened partnerships with businesses, governments, nonprofits and other institutions. The opening of the Mary M. Gates Learning Center began a new era in how United Ways expand the reach of its network. This state-of-the-art learning center at United Way Worldwide strengthens collaboration and learning opportunities,… View Article

History of Goods and Service Tax in Malaysia

1. Introduction of GST Goods and service tax were first deliberated in 2005 with the intention to introducing it in 1st January 2007. However, it was withdrawn in the following year. In 2009, GST was revived with a proposed rate of 4% to replace current Sales Tax of 10% and Service Tax of 5% in… View Article

Optimal Sin Taxes

We investigate ‘‘sin taxes’’ on unhealthy items, such as fatty foods, that people may (by their own reckoning) consume too much of. We employ a standard optimal-taxation framework, but replace the standard assumption that all consumers have 100% self control with an assumption that some consumers may have some degree of self-control problems. We show… View Article

Tax Office Operation Transformation

Governments of developing countries are constantly scrambling to raise the revenues required to finance higher service demands expected by their citizens and the infrastructure (economic, social and environmental) that will enable them to grow the nation towards being industrialized. And to sustain the all imperative comparative advantage over neighbouring nations. Taxation revenues continue to be… View Article

California Proposition

What is proposition 13? Property taxes in California have been a controversial issue for very many years. In mid 1978, approximately ⅔ of voters in California passed proposition 13. Before it had been passed, property taxes increased almost annually according to the assessed value of the property. In the 1970s, there was a remarkable growth… View Article

Penalties and Offences in Tax

In understanding the context of penalties and offences in Self-Assessment System, we first need to understand the overall meaning of Self-Assessment System. Self-Assessment System is based on the concept Pay, Self Assess and File. Whereby, Pay stands for monthly salary deductions are made for the individuals who are having an employment income or also for… View Article

Fiscal policy

The uk government sets monetary policy by adjusting the funds rate. This affects other short-term and long-term rates, including credit-card rates and mortgages. Governments define fiscal policy by setting taxation levels and writing legislation and regulation for everything from health care to the environment. Fiscal and monetary policy changes can affect businesses directly and indirectly,… View Article

The Effectiveness of Tax Software to Individual Tax Payer

Tax software is a type of computer software design to help individuals or companies prepare for and file income, corporate and similar tax return. It streamlines the process of filing taxes by walking through tax forms and issues and also automatically calculates individual’s or companies’ tax obligations. Moreover, tax time does not have to be… View Article

Nonprofit and for-profit hospitals

1. Describe the differences between nonprofit and for-profit hospitals The Non-profit hospitals were established for charitable purposes and tend to be larger, and are more likely to be teaching hospitals. They also are responsible and accountable to the communities they serve. They are governed by leaders of the communities they serve. Earnings received from the… View Article

Nature of Power of Taxation

Hi Folks. Good morning! I’m Joliever Villanueva. for those who don’t know my names co’z I don’t know your names too. Well’ going to discuss is about the NATURE OF POWER OF TAXATION. – But First I want you to know the meaning of Sovereignty. Sovereignty in tagalong is Karapatang Mamahala. But how it relates… View Article

Tax Code & Social Policy

he society and the economy at large. I think the tax laws pertaining to health care have been successful in making health care insurance more accessible, and in keeping health care costs confined to an affordable range. However, there are times when our representatives in Washington attempt to engineer people’s behavior, not to address the… View Article

Administrative Feasibility

Administrative Feasibility – means that tax laws, rules and regulations must be capable of being administered and complied with. Citizenry must easily understand its application for its compliance. No matter how willing and able a taxpayer in complying the mandates of a tax law if he could not comprehend, he could not fully comply the… View Article

Fiscal Policy

The United States’ economy has gone through many different stages from deficits and surpluses to a large debt. These can affect people in many ways. This paper will cover the United States’ deficit, surplus, and debt and how it affects taxpayers, future Social Security and Medicare users, unemployed individuals, University of Phoenix students, the United… View Article

A Brawl in Micky’s Backyard

If you were on the city council, how would you vote on the issue? As a city councilor, I would be reminded that I am entrusted with the duty to provide the ways and means to ensure the safety and security of citizens of Anaheim and work to maintain and/or enhance a high quality of… View Article

Internal Revenue Service

In the fiscal year 2012, the United States Internal Revenue Service collected $2. 5 trillion. That’s more money than any of us could even begin to fathom. With this comes a great responsibility to the agency to conduct itself in an equal manner among all of its patrons. Lately, the IRS has been under intense… View Article

Ielts Essays

1. Sample essay: Every week millions of people buy lottery tickets, hoping their small investment will make them rich. They often believe that if they won a million dollars, their troubles would be over. If they actually got the money, would their dreams come true? Whether people live “happily ever after” when they win the… View Article

Tax Return Worksheet

1. Even though Gloria is single, her filing status is Head of Household. Why is Gloria able to file as head of household? Gloria is able to file head of house hold in this case because, she has a qualifying dependent. A qualifying dependent would be a closely related relative dependent that you have provided… View Article

Vat & Other Indirect Taxes

Introduction Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in Nigeria in 1993 but became effective on 1 January 1994. VAT replaced the Sales Tax. VAT is governed by the Value Added Tax Act, Chapter V1, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) 2004. The tax is administered by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Rates and… View Article

Legal and Financial Aspects Influencing a Start Up Business

Legal and financial aspects will affect the start-up of a business in many ways. These can aid the start-up of a business, or they can make the business struggle. Financial aspects that will make your affect the start-up of your business negatively would be things like an increase in costs for things such as expenses… View Article