Tattoo - From Dark to the Light

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In the past, people always associated tattoos with underworld, gangs etc as the triads in the films are with tattoo, so people will link them together naturally; nowadays because of the open minded of the society, celebrity effect and the recognition of tattoo as a form of body art therefore tattooing has been more socially acceptable in recent years.

In this day and age people have various reasons to get different forms of body arts such as tattoo, most of them think that it is a mean of personal expression or commemoration of the important time in their lives.

(Villanova University Student Life) There is a real life example that Chan, a person who lost his daughter Jenny, had a tattoo on his arm to commemorate her daughter. The tattoo artist said the tattoo cured his heart and no longer felt sad as Chan could communicate with it because it looked like a real person who conveyed some information to him, it was a protract through some feeling.

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(Lin Zuwei, BBC, 2018) Moreover in many places teenagers decide to have tattoo on their 18 birthday for memory, just like a kind of mature performance. There is no deny that tattoo is more and more being accepted in the society because of the recognition as a kind of body art which used to express oneself and to remember some memorable timing.

Thank to the technology improvement, many celebrities use social media to share their tattoo which change the attitude of most people. NBA players Lebron James, DeMar DeRozan; athletes Lin Dan, Li Na; celebrities Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson.

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Influenced by the trend of sports, television stars, people’s acceptance of tattoo especially among young people is getting higher and higher. (Lin,BBC ,2018) As the stars in every kind of social media show their tattoo without hesitation, others feel that there is nothing to worry about, which give a positive evaluation of tattoos. (Lo Wai Chong,ubeatCUHK )The young generation even think that tattoo is unconventional and a kind of self-expression. It is nice to see that celebrities interested the public and deepen their understanding of tattoo which make tattoo become more socially acceptable in recent years.

Some opponents may argue that in Hong Kong, some jobs such as teacher, lawyer are not allowed to have tattoo as it destroys the reputation. Also most companies avoid choosing job seekers with tattoo because nobody will know how the guest feel if you are sent to visit the guest and he sees you are full of tattoos. It reflects that tattoo is still not generally acceptable in the mainstream.

It is no doubt that in some conservative countries there are still people have bias about tattoo, but in most countries it is not uncommon to see that there are more and more people with tattoo engage in different industries and even some of those are at top position as people become more open minded. In addition, some tattoo artists reflect that the number of doctors, lawyers, white-collar workers having tattoo is increasing dramatically. Conversely in these few years, London, American and New York’s Police Department relax the requirement for tattoos in employees entry requirements. (BBC NEWS 2019) Also, research conducted by industry market research firm IBISWorld in 2018 shows that society has increased acceptance of tattoos. (Human Resources,2019) It shows that employers are becoming more wise that they will accept people with tattoo and decide to employ the job seeker by their ability instead of bias.

All in all tattoo is getting more socially acceptable in recent years due to the above factors, it is hoped that government can provide more information for public and shift their attitude of tattoo to a positive one.

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