Tata Inora Park Pune

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Tata Inora Park Phase 2 is the new high end luxury class project of Tata Housing located close to NIMB at Undri in Pune. Tata Inora Park Phase 2 has three magnificent buildings offering you the choice of 2/3 BHK luxury apartments covering an area ranging from 1012 sq ft to 1165 sq ft. Tata Inora Park Pune is offering 70% of open space in order to provide you sufficient open space for fresh and healthy ventilation and adequate sunlight. Further, taking care of your comfort Tata Inora Park Undri is providing 2 elevators in each tower.

The project is situated in the midst of landscaped garden to keep you close to nature for eco-friendly living.

Tata Inora Park Pune has contemporary basketball court where the inhabitants can enjoy their free time by improving health. Tata Housing Inore Park Undri Pune has aesthetically designed grand entrance lobby which will enhance your social status. Tata Inora Park Undri also has many world class amenities, such as, state-of-the-art club house with swimming pool, modern gymnasium, and indoor games facility to keep your life healthy and graceful without spending much time in visiting different places.

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Tata Housing Inore Park Undri Pune has ample covered parking space with smooth internal vehicle movement to protect your cars from rain and sunlight. Tata Inora Park has multitier security system in order to offer you and your family secure life; this will make you more mentally free at your work place.

Tata Inora Park is covering total area of 6.28 acres at the prime location of Undri from where its inhabitants can get close connectivity to the leading IT hubs, hospital, schools, colleges, and other strategic places.

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Thus, the invaluable time of busy professionals residing in the project will save and they will have enough time to enjoy with their family and friends. The architectural technology visualized for the Tata Inora Park is a presentation of Tata Housing’s objective to present most excellent living conditions, such as, incorporating nature, sight passages, endorse communal synchronization and offer gentle built form. The conception turns around in enhancing the residing units in front of the internal courtyard which will become the community place for the residents for
a variety of activities, for example, social and cultural. Apartments are showing the open sight of the mountains on the south, south-west and south-east side of the project.

Tata Housing Development Company (THDC) is completely owned auxiliary company of Tata Group in which Tata Sons has 99.78% justice share capital. The secondary was promoted in the year 1984 by the late JRD Tata. However, the group refreshed itself in the year 2006 under the direction of Brotin Banerjee who became MD & CEO of Tata Housing Development Company Limited. Since, 2006 the group speedily became one of leading holistic production company that has urban different milestone projects crossways India. Tata Housing recognized the start of low priced housing projects targeting hub class section of India. It has also provided new stand for providing foliage in its first money-making project named as Xylem positioned at Bangalore. Tata Housing Inora Park privileged with gold certification by LEED for developing economical housing projects to highly best class luxurious projects, which were sustainable green developments accordingly expert by Indian Green Building Council. Further, the corporation has undertaken 45 million sq ft of earth area under Tata Inora Park Pune construction work at the different levels of stages. THDC with the task and dream to offer homes to over 26 million families, the group has launched its new sub division in the year 2010 named as Smart Value Homes Ltd., which offered homes at a very affordable prices with the value varying from Rs. 4 to 10 Lakhs. At present Tata Housing is glad to please the residents of Pune by launching Tata Inora Park Phase 2.

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