Taste – Guangdong Essay

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Taste – Guangdong

All over the world every culture has a unique and special cuisine. Each cuisine is very different because it can range from the different tastes to the different methods of cooking the food. However Chinese cuisine and American cuisine stand out the most because they are completely different and value different things. Chinese cuisine is a very versatile type of cuisine because there are many styles of Chinese food that make up the Chinese cuisine. These styles of Chinese food originate from the many provinces in China.

Like the Chinese cuisine, American cuisine is also very diverse, but most of the cuisine is a combination of many different culture’s food styles because America was the melting pot for many ethnic backgrounds. Therefore American cuisine is made up of many other culture’s cuisine. Because of these varieties, both these cuisines are able to attract a great group of people which makes them favorites of many people all over the world. In China many of the people love eating different styles of food because they offer so many different tastes.

There are a total of 8 styles of culinary arts; a few are Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunan, and Zhejiang. Cantonese style comes from the Southeast Coast next to Hong Kong and the cuisine is the most popular of all because the chefs value the sweetness of their dishes. Cantonese cuisine is so popular because when Chinese immigrants came to America they introduced it to the western world. Another popular style of cuisine is Szechuan and it attracts many people with a love for spicy food.

This style originated from the middle part of China, and values the use of spicy sauces and spicy pastes to create dishes that give the people’s taste buds a sensation. The next style is Hunan which originated from the East part of China, and is most known for its spicy food too. This style is very similar to the Szechuan style, but the chefs tend to use fresh and dried peppers rather than sauces. Also Hunan dishes appear to be more attractive than Szechuan style because most of the dishes are not covered in sauce and paste like the Szechuan style. Overall both of these spicy styles are equally as delicious.

One last style is the Zhejiang style which comes from the East Coast of China, and known for its freshness, tenderness, softness, and crispness dishes. Because this style originated from the coast, most of the food is seafood. There are many traditions to Chinese cuisine. All the dishes are served separately either on a plate or in a bowl. Never is one’s food served all on one plate. Then there is an empty plate for you to put your food. Another tradition is that it is ideal to eat more of the dishes than rice because rice is a complimentary item during each eating course.

The main utensil for eating Chinese cuisine are chopsticks, and it has many uses ranging from grabbing food to drinking soup. All in all, Chinese cuisine is very unique and something worth trying. Because America was the melting pot, American cuisine includes Latin, Asian, and European tastes. Latin styles of cooking introduced the use of beans and flour. With flour, the American cuisine produces a lot of breads and wraps. Asian cooking introduced the sweet and sour taste and rice became one of the major sources for Americans to get their daily need of whole grains.

Also, Asian cuisine introduced soy and the many uses of fish. Lastly European styles of cooking introduced delicacy of luxurious pastas and desserts. Like Chinese cuisine, there are also many traditions. American cuisine is usually served on a plate with all the dishes. The utensils used are mainly a spoon, knife, and a fork to pick up and cut the food. In conclusion, American cuisine is diverse because of America being a melting pot for many cultures to combine and form this type of cuisine.

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