Taste Initially Just a Word for Food

Nowadays there are lots of social media for people to get and share information, also people more willing to take looks on their phone frequently every single day. International trading benefits the whole economic system. Globalisation seems to be one kind of unavoidable phenomenon. Because of globalization causes an extent of cultural integration, critiques of cultural singleness and bland taste followed. In this essay, the fundamental explanations of taste and globalisation will be mentioned first. Discussion based on views from Kant and Bourdieu.

As one of they think taste should contain disinterests and another one believe in taste is inseparable from classes. This essay also contains examples and analysis of cultural hybridity and multiculturalism. Such as Regency historical proof and case of Mestizaje. In this section, there are theories from Homi Bhabha and Pnina Werbner and two more analysis of fashion design based on cultural ethnicity. In order to discuss bland taste, there are arguments of Klein’s Cool Hunter Theory.

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Cultural appropriation and what matters to it are mentioned in the final section. There are a personal case and case of American girl Keziah Daum. For identification, there are examples of Gandhi, Wendy Rose, and Archie Belaney.

Taste initially just a word for food. Whether it has a strong taste or as plain as water? What it tastes like? Sour or sweet? Nowadays taste is an examination. People can get A or D in this exam. Also, it becomes from objective to subjective. Not a specific people can give grades to other and no specific scoring system.

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“Taste became equivalent to discrimination: “the world Taste ·· means that quick discerning faculty or power of the mind by which we accurately distinguish the good, bad or indifferent'(Barry,1784)” Taste can be not only relative to clothes or furniture but also can be relative to other entertainments or chooses. Such as music, or political voting. Because taste is part of the foundation of our decisions, it links with what we are willing to do and what outcomes we feel satisfied to receive later on. It can be described as “habitual attributes of Taste(Williams 1976, p.314).” Taste alone can be neutral that is why people can add good or bad in front of it. But “tasteful is compromised(Williams 1976, p.314).” People praise you as tasteful meanwhile they trust you of your choices and creations.

For the arguments of taste, Kant believes “universal criteria for the definition of Art (Barker 2004).”. Briefly, Kant approves two criteria of judgment of taste, subjectivity, and universality (Kant 1790). On the other side, Pierre Bourdieu believes there are more attachments to taste, such as class structure. He also believes there are powerful people who have great perception able to define what is beauty (Bourdieu 1986). To support Bourdieu’s theory, the existence of universities for arts and museums can be evidence. They indicate ‘Arts’ need to learn and it builds upon knowledge. People’s tastes are affected by their own knowledge and inherent conceptions. People’s tastes can be improved or changed by receiving more or different new information. Such as visiting more exhibitions. Classes in some extents define what people ever received and apparently, everyone receives different things. Even after, people get identical new information, but according to their previous knowledge, they are going to achieve their own new chapters. The previous knowledge here can be education, identity, ethnic, and surrounding environment.

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