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Taslima Nasreen

Taslima Nasrin is a Bengali writer from Mymensingh, Bangladesh, who’s faced many struggles as a human rights activist. She is also a feminist, secular humanist and a physician who has worked in different hospitals for about eight years. She’s very passionate about literature and she also has a strong desire of learning science, which is why she later became a physician. She’s a highly educated woman and comes from a very conservative background. She started to get more involved in poetry and her second book became very popular in 1989 that lead her to start writing in regular columns of newspapers and magazines.

She wrote about many different things, but she always had a strong opinion on discrimination against women. The fact that she wanted women to take a stand led men to criticize her work. She did not like the dominating power men had over women and she wanted to make that clear to the society. Living in a country like Bangladesh, where the Muslim religion comes first above everything else, women are always looked down upon. When society sees that women like her are fighting for their rights, they (men) feel threatened because they don’t want to be stooped down.

She has fought hard for herself and many other women to come out of their shells and show the society their true worth. Her supporters and opponents will always remember her bravery and courage. Taslima has been around the world and has received many awards due to her wonderful works. She has received awards in France, Germany, USA, India, Sweden, Great Britain, and Belgium. She was brought up as a Muslim but became atheist overtime and was married three times. She has been through many troubles and tribulations because of her work.

Many people in Bangladesh were against her work and it became to a point where she was denied of having a Bangladeshi passport. Her life was not only jeopardized in Bangladesh but India as well. She had fled to North America and Western Europe due to her harassment in both places. She has written more than thirty books of poetry, essays, novels, short stories, and memoirs, and her books have been translated into 20 different languages. Taslima has followed her father’s footsteps; he was a physician so she decided to become a gynecologist.

She was sexually abused during her adolescence life and her being a gynecologist in influenced her a great deal in writing about the treatment of women in Islam and against religion in general. She also made a scholarship program named “Edulwara” that gave 50,000- 1000,000 to twenty female students from seventh grade through tenth in Mymenshing, Bangladesh. In conclusion, we have to say that she was one courageous woman. Even after all the threats she received from the Bangladeshi and Indian government, she did not give up her works and what she believed in.

Especially living in a Muslim country is not easy, your life can be threatened every easily in places like this. She was banned from entering her own homeland, but her works kept publishing. She is a great example to our country and to the rest of the world. She gave hope to countries like Bangladesh because of its weak government and unjust ruling. She stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves, and most of all she was not afraid in herself which showed her true power and love for her country and every women.

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