Task C- Short Answer Questions Essay

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Task C- Short Answer Questions

Ci-If a social care worker becomes aware of unsafe practice they could speak with their colleague who is performing an unsafe task, about what they are doing and that it is wrong and not safe. After speaking with their colleague they could show them a safer way and explain to them how it reduces the risk. Also they must report the unsafe practice to their manager so that it is corrected and inform staff by offering training and the right information and it has to be recorded. Cii-If a social care worker has reported the unsafe practice but nothing has been to rectify it then the social care worker must go higher up the ladder and report it to health providers like the care quality commission, the safeguarding team at the local services department and write a confidential report with all the correct information of what they have witnessed.

Ciii- Three factors

1- They may have a limited sex education- if a person has a limited sex education then this could put them at more risk because if they are being abused sexually then they may not fully understand what is happening to them and think it is normal. 2- They may be in a place where there are no aids or adaptations for their needs. If this is the case then they are being put at risk of falling and injuring themselves 3- They may need help with personal care and daily living. If this is the case then they could be afraid to ask for help, this could be for a number of reasons like the person’s age who is needing help, as if they were elderly then they may feel too proud or embarrass and don’t want to be a burden on anybody so refuses to ask for help.

Civ- To adopt a person centred approach involves working with clients, discussing with them what they would like in their care plan. Also it enables social care workers to gain their trust by having a caring person that they can talk to. It also helps to get a deeper understanding of their client’s preferences, beliefs. In doing this empowers the clients and upholding their rights and beliefs reduces the risk of abuse.

Cv- Active participation enables individuals to be involved in their own care and also have a greater say in how they live their life in ways that are important to them. Also it encourages individuals to become more involved in the community and more aware of opportunities and what they can hope for themselves. It gives them an enhanced well-being with increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

Promoting active participation decreases the likelihood of abuse as the individual engages positively by actively participating in areas of their lives like, personal care and this would reduce the risk of abuse Cvi- An effective and easy to use complaints procedure makes it easier for an individual to report the abuse and it is less stressful for them. It also helps the individual to come forward and speak up about what has occurred. An effective complaints procedure also gives an effective method for social care workers to report problems so abuse can be prevented.

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