Target Market Essay

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Target Market

The outlets of KFC are in luxury district and the prices are too expensive such as overhead expenses rent, air conditioning, employees. So, KFC target supper and middle classes. Target market is depending on size and growth rate of population, company resources and structural attraction of market segment.


Hectic lifestyle of personal that let them more time at work and less pressure about waiting for food. The commercialization of urban and suburban markets resulting in more middle sector people that find high-end eating joints are very expensive. The middle sector people have been looking for change which KFC offering in their range of fast food. The quality conscious of the people in urban areas are more concerned with the quality of food than the rural areas.

Placement of outlets

KFC placing itself close to the schools, colleges, cinemas and markets because mostly populated by the youth and those who are in a hurry, KFC serve a large number of consumers every day. Furthermore, they also have outlets close to non-vegetarians and mostly Muslim populated areas.


Geographic segmentation
KFC has outlets around the world and sells its products accordance with geographic needs of the customers. KFC is focusing how geographically its customers require different products in India. The chicken is the main selling product in North India, and the Veg. items sell more than the chicken in the South India.

Demographic Segmentation

The market is divided into groups based on an age, gender, household size, income, occupation, religion, race and nationality in demographic segmentation. KFC divides the market on demographic basis in age that is between 6- 65. Usually no age restriction focuses by the KFC. The target is focus on everyone in a society. The largest demographic of KFC is the young of any society.

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