Target market Essay Topics


Market segmentation is where marketers split the market into groups with similarities that would make it easy to target their product to the consumers, if they do not do this then they could waste money and time on targeting the wrong people. The company would be trying to maximise their sales so that they can… View Article

CutePet Store

1. Who is the target market for CutePet Store? Why? Target Markets This analysis requires the marketing department to recognize the needs of various consumer and business groups. 1. Benefit sought- company marketers will identify the benefits customers 2. Methods of reaching markets – seeking and determine the various ways to reach customers. 3. Appeal… View Article

Examples of Target Market

According to Adventure Travel in Canada in 1993, 45% of adventure travelers in Manitoba were couples, while the second largest segment was friends with 29. 3%. Solo travelers, families, and businesses made up 15. 1%, 11. 4%, and 4. 7% respectively. The typical adventure traveler was predominantly male (54. 4%) between 19-34 years of age,… View Article

What do Marketers Do

Consumers are continually faced with an array of products, services and offers in their daily lives. For this reason, the need for marketers has become more crucial for businesses across the globe if they intend to survive in this competitive day and age. But what exactly does this role entail? This essay will aim to… View Article

TiVo Case Study

1.Analyze the situation from the consumer’s standpoint. What is TiVo? What factors facilitate its adoption? What factors make adoption difficult? Who is TiVo best suited for? TiVo is a form of television recording technology used to record shows based on the users preferences. It can store a vast amount of recorded shows and play them… View Article

Summer Heights High Paper

Target Audience- The target audience for the American adaptation of Summer Heights High is going to to be male and females aged 20-34 that make up 20.9% of the total U.S. population, the penetration size will be the Americans aged 25-29 that have a college bachelors degree and are mature enough for certain types of… View Article

Delivering Customer Value Though Marketing

Assignment: i) Describe and analyse the brand’s product, market positioning, pricing strategies and its target segment. ii) Critically evaluate if the brand’s marketing activity is delivering values to its customers. Why? iii) Suggest ways in which the brand can improve in its marketing strategies or activities. i) Describe and analyse the brand’s product, market positioning,… View Article