Target Essay Topics

Internal Analysis Mtv

1.What is an internal analysis? The goal of an internal analysis is to identify the strength and weaknesses of an organization. An internal analysis also focuses on reviewing the resources, capabilities, and competencies of a company. It gives managers a very specific look on what is going on within the company. For developing a strategy… View Article

Private labels and their effect in the market

Introduction             The intense competition in retail markets has driven retailers to offer their own products that have somewhat similar quality at affordable price. The so-called “private label” becomes an attractive solution for customers that cannot afford to buy branded products.             According to global survey on private labeling, performed by AC Nielsen in 2005,… View Article

Case Write-up: Documentum, Inc.

I. Situation Howard Shao and John Newton founded Documentum in 1990. Their vision was to develop a new class of software database for automating the management of structured and unstructured documents across enterprises. Traditional databases only managed structured information that could be neatly stored in rows and columns. Such examples include but are not limited… View Article

Cedar Point Target Market

Cedar Point is all about bringing people together through thrills. People are drawn to Cedar Point because they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience something exciting. Whether it’s with friends or family, the thrills Cedar Point provide are different from the norm and have a strong power… View Article

Etude House

Introduction Etude House is a Korean cosmetic brand with a particular focus on fun makeup products offers creative and unique products characterized by sensational colours and the up-to-date trends. The brand was founded in 1966 and incorporated by Amore Pacific in 1990. Etude’s name was inspired by Polish Composer Frederic Chopin’s Studies for the piano…. View Article

Wyndham Case Study

1. There were a variety of differences between members and nonmembers of ByRequest (see Figure 1 for data): a. non-members stayed 26.6% longer per stay (3.71 to 2.93 nights) b. non-members spent 7% more per stay ($359.08 to $336.02) c. non-members stayed 13% more nights per year (4.35 to 3.8 nights) d. members had 11%… View Article

The STP Process in Marketing Management

STP stands for segmentation, targeting and positioning. STP, which stands for segmentation, targeting and positioning, is a fundamental concept in marketing management. It is usually the first step in developing a marketing plan. The three parts of the concept maximize exposure and market saturation by looking at the most important factors that impact how a… View Article

How Companies Identify Attractive Market Segments

Nabil Amin, an American citizen was making wooden writing utensils as a hobby until Mel recognized Herb’s talent. Mel immediately ordered 250 pens and pencils of various styles to be displayed in his shop’s showcase. Within three months, the writing utensils were a hit! Herb Marks had never thought of marketing his talent, but Mel’s… View Article

Marketing Strategies for the New Economy

Past paper: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the new economy for marketers (60%). How might companies develop a new economy strategy for their products or services (40%)? Illustrate your answer with examples. * Does every company need a new-economy strategy * Definition: new economy means the industries that stimulate the development or play an… View Article

Business Plan For Sunshine Bakery

Sunshine Bakery will be specializing in visually attractive cupcakes and cakes. There has been a significant increase in demand for whimsical, overindulgent and visually stimulating cakes, and Sunshine Bakery will target special events such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, bachelorette parties and stork teas. The Products Sunshine offers a wide range of speciality cakes. All the… View Article

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F)

Products (Revised): Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is a leading specialty clothing retailer. It always utilizes sex appeal to sell its products. A&F often uses semi-nude models with rock hard abs on their new store opening ceremony and puts posters on the wall of store with hot semi-nude Caucasian. A&F prefers to decorate their store with… View Article

7 Eleven or also known as 7-1

1.0 Introduction 7 Eleven or also known as 7-11, is part of an international chain of convenience stores. 7 Eleven is the world’s largest operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience stores with more than 50,000 outlets. 1.1 Objective and Scope The purpose of this report is to analyze and evaluate 7 Eleven’s marketing strategies and… View Article

Identifying Market Segments and Targets

The segmentation of the market helps the marketers to identify the customers who share the same needs and wants (Kotler, & Keller, 2012). There are many different levels of market segmentation such as, geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation (Kotler, & Keller, 2012). The geographic segmentation used when the marketers segment the market by focusing… View Article

Techniques in marketing products

1. Intro to company & product or service chosen for evaluation. The company I have chosen is Tesco PLC and service provided by them which is Tesco Mobiles established in May 2003. Service mentioned above is a mobile virtual network operator. The type of the company is private and owned by Tesco Mobile Services Ltd… View Article

New Product Marketing Plan

In the continuation of the product marketing plan for Tress Express, the completion of the market segmentation will allow for further development of the necessary elements to introduce the product line into today’s market. As such, the detailing of the business’ target market profile key buying behaviors and organizational target markets will shed light on… View Article

Case Study Datavast Inc.

Executive Summary Winston Hao, the owner of Datavast Inc., is operating at a loss and needs to find out a way to be profitable this year. Datavast Inc. sells Data Security Boxes to big and small companies in China who are new to the concept of cloud storage. Winston Hao needs to dial in his… View Article

Winning Over our Target with Wheaties

We will get our target to start talking about our product again with renewed interest in it and its healthy effects. We will accomplish this through a new promotion that will have a lasting effect on the minds of consumers. Execution: In big cities in the United States (and abroad if possible), we will have… View Article

How and why customer groups are targeted

Gillette mach 3 turbo razor The Gillette mach 3 turbo razor is aimed at men age between around 17 upwards. The mach 3 turbo razor is essentially a razor for shaving hair off men’s faces, so any man who wants a clean shaven face is targeted by Gillette. Xbox one Microsoft have marketed the Xbox… View Article

Creative educational tools

“We visualise and develop creative educational tools that provoke inspirational activity and bring positive recurring stimuli for children in their learning process and creative play. We believe on the power of creative education.” – Innospark Our team has chosen Innospark, Lithuania, which is actually a new company who produces educational toys for young children. Education… View Article

Unilever Dove Marketing

1 Introduction This paper conducts a strategic marketing analysis of Unilever’s brand, Dove. In this regard it discusses the market orientation of the company from different angles such as product orientation, customer orientation, branding orientation and culture orientation. Moreover, it also undertakes the macro and micro environmental analysis with regards to Dove. In this regard… View Article

New Product Launch Marketing Plan

Audi LED headlights Audi is a top of the line luxury car manufacturing company who plans to achieve goals and provide consumers with one of kind products. Audi has decided to create a new LED head light with spot detection capabilities to assist with consumer safety while driving in the city, as well as down… View Article

New Product Launch Marketing Plan

Our company is Audi AG. Audi is headquartered in Germany and is a subsidiary of Volkswagen since 1966. Founded in 1909 by automotive pioneer August Horch, Audi specializes in high end and luxurious automobiles (“Audi Club North America Northeast “, 2014). Audi’s cars collection is comprised of sedan, SUVs, convertible, coupe, diesel and hybrids. Audi… View Article

Bakery Industry Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces analysis is useful when trying to understand the competitive environment facing a backery industry. It involves looking at internal competition, barriers to entry, the profit-appropriating power of both buyers and sellers, as well as substitutes to the goods produced. Applied to the bakery industry it shows an average net profit that typically… View Article

4Ps Case Study

4Ps (Price, Place, Promotion and Product) model is a useful tool for companies to plan and implement market strategies, after analyzing by 4Ps model, companies would have a better way to plan what or who is their target market, what is their obstacle and what they should do. Here is the simple graph of 4Ps… View Article

Montreaux Chocolate Case

2. Evaluate the achievability of the company objectives for Montreaux USA. Identify the most salient (or important) aspects of the chocolate confectionary industry, globally and domestically, that are critical for understanding a new product introduction of this type. Provide support for your conclusions. The objectives that Montreaux USA wants to achieve in the coming 3… View Article

Strategic information system of Meena Bazar

Acknowledgement After going through a lot of limitation finally I was able to do a fruitful assignment on the strategic information management system of “Meena Bazar”. I would like to thank our honorable course teacher for her support and proper guideline that helped me a lot make a successful report. Special thanks to the Meena… View Article

Classic knitwear

INTRODUCTION Classic Knitwear was established in 1995 as a manufacturer and distributor of unbranded casual knit apparel it was operated by Brandon Miller- Chief Marketing Officer, Robert Ortiz-CEO and Sandra Chong-CFO. Classic operated in the category of non-fashion casual knitwear, all the revenues were earned on U.S. sales. Seventy five percent of classic revenues were… View Article

Cialis – Harvard Business School Case

1.Problem StatementLilly- ICOS LLC is about to launch a new and innovative product intended to help men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Because of the unique product features, Cialis – the product – has good chances of becoming successful even though it is entering a segment, where Pfizer’s Viagra is the undisputed market leader. In… View Article

Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower

INTRODUCTION Our report aims at developing a marketing plan for Aqualisa Quartz shower. The product was launched and in spite of being much better than the existing showers in the U.K market in terms of water pressure, ease of installation, use and design, it didn’t have very impressive sales figures in the first four months…. View Article

Analysis of Target Markets

For this assignment I chose to use Vail Resorts as my publicly traded hospitality organization. The primary target market of Vail Resorts is explained in their annual report for 2007, on page 16 of the report this is what it says,The Companys Colorado ski resorts appeal to both day skiers and destination guests due to… View Article