Taoism and Its Relationship to Yin and Yang Essay

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Taoism and Its Relationship to Yin and Yang

Chi essentially is the energy that flows through and around all things. There are types of Chi, which can be called upon, dependent on what you are using it for, including the chi of life and the yuan chi—the primordial creation chi. Eastern medical practitioners use the chi of their patients, as well as their own, to treat all types of ailments, such as arthritis, tumors and all manners of aches and pains.

As chi moves through the body, it often becomes blocked in various areas. If those blocked areas can be identified, either by the physician or the patient, the blockage can be addressed and hopefully removed so that the natural flow of chi can be reestablished. As Eastern traditional practitioners feel that balance is essential for complete health, including physical and spiritual, they address all aspects of patients’ lives in order to better treat their patients’ ailments.

They feel that if their patients can locate the center of themselves where their chi sits, which in most is in the pelvic area, that they can then begin to move their chi and unblock the affected areas of their bodies where they may have pain or illness. They do this based on the principle of yin and yang, which is the male and female, the light and dark, the complete balance of all things in the universe.

Just as the universe itself was born into being from yuan chi surrounded by chaos and then morphed into the perfect balance of yin and yang, we are born as balanced creatures and over time lose our balanced state, which causes our pains and illnesses. If these can be rebalanced, we can become whole again, an equal part of good and evil, male and female. This type of practice of balance in our lives can be seen as a gateway to health, increasing longevity and quality of life in ways we in Western society do not seem to understand.

In Poem 1, heaven and earth are described in the same way, as one begins where the other ends. In addition, the representation of the core and the surface are seen the same way…one cannot exist without the other, just as yin cannot exist without yang. Another amazing example of the use of chi was seen in the demonstration done by the Tai Chi Ch’uang master in the Shanghai park with the American student who had been with him for three years.

The master, who is significantly older than the student, uses only his thoughts and manipulation of his own hi to maintain his balance and keep the younger man from moving him, as he attempts to flip the master over his shoulder. The student actually states that he hopes he can do so at least a little because that will mean his training for the last three years has allowed him to progress a level so that the master will start teaching him something else. I think the producer of the film uses the American student to exhibit the use of chi because maybe those of us who are from the West will be more likely to believe the chi movement if it is exemplified by another Westerner.

My thinking was not changed terribly by the film because I already am a firm believer in mind influencing matter and that your outlook in life greatly affects your health in general. I think positively minded people are healthier overall than negative ones. I also think that you can talk yourself or other more easily influenced people into being sick or unhealthy or in pain. I have seen that happen on various occasions. I also think that those same people can talk themselves back into health as well, if they so desire.

My step daughter just recently was diagnosed with a tumor in her femur; it is a nonossifying fibroma, which essentially means that fat starts growing in a hole in a bone, begins to eat away and replace the bone itself. My fiance and I brought her into our room last week and told her that no matter what, she has the power to help herself heal, and I honestly believe that. We told her to think about what is happening inside her body and to think about what normally should be happening inside her body and to reverse the processes in her head–to calm her mind if at all possible and concentrate on that change in the specific spot in her leg.

After seeing a specialist at Vanderbilt last week, we were told that her body is regrowing the bone through the fatty tumor, reossifying the tumor and healing itself. As far as I am concerned, my step daughter’s thoughts, under the guidance of her mother, contributed to that. So, the presence of an overall life energy that can be manipulated to increase health and longevity is not so farfetched to me as it would likely be to others.

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