Tanning Essay Topics

Indoor Tanning Versus Outdoor Tanning

Tanning in itself can mean several things, one being an activity which utilizes animal skins by making it to useful things, which improves the lifestyle of human beings. Tanning can also mean an activity in which one takes in leisure time to tan his or her body or rather it seems to look like an… View Article

Tanning Beds

Have you ever been tanning? I have been tanning multiple times and I love it. Tanning is defined as “A structure lined with sunlamps in which one stands or reclines in order to acquire a suntan”. Tanning’s purpose as it is defined is to get a tan. Tanning beds are used by people to tan… View Article

The “tanorexics”

They’re desperate for a  sun fix. They spend hours incarcerated in hi-tech coffins. Cayte Williams meets the “tanorexics” You’re lying in a big plastic cocoon. Weird blue light beats down at you through hi-tech glass and there’s a strange humming noise. You’re naked and sweating profusely. Have you been abducted by aliens for experimental tests?… View Article