Tangerine: association football and paul Essay

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Tangerine: association football and paul

The book that I have chosen for my book report is called Tangerine. The author that wrote this really great book is called Edward Bloor. He has written many books like Crusader, Story Time, and London Calling and many more. The genre of this book is a Juvenile Fiction, or a middle grade novel. I know what kind of genre it is because while I was reading the book I noticed that Paul one of the characters was mostly telling the story from what happened in his life like a journal. And the story is mostly about a boy named Paul Fisher and how his family moved from Texas to a town called Lake Windsor Downs in Tangerine County, Florida.

And since they moved all these strange things have been happening like lighting kept hitting the soccer and football field. And that one of the kids named Mike Costello who was also on the football field got stuck by lighting and died. The main character of the novel is Paul Fisher and I would describe him as persevering, courageous, and he never stops until he accomplishes his goal in his life. And he is also a good role model for other kids but sometimes he is also negative about some stuff. Paul does what he does because he’s trying to get other people to like him and trying to get justice for what happened.

The lesson that Paul learned is to have the courage to stand up and tell the truth. The dynamic characters in the book are Paul, his brother, And the static characters are the soccer coach Betty Bright, . The settings that the book has are in Tangerine County, Florida and there school [Lake Windsor School]. I would describe Tangerine Country, Florida as a place with a lot of weather changes like the muck fires, sinkholes, lighting and thunderstorms, and finally freezing weather and fruit trees. And I would describe Lake Windsor as a regular school but it’s not.

It has muck fires in the fields and the sinkhole that almost swallowed the school. The settings affect what happens in the story because when the sinkhole happened at the school that swallowed up the entire middle school campus, and condemning everything within a 100-foot radius. This is the fault of the old building manager for Tangerine County, Charley Burns, who dies of a heart attack shortly after the sinkhole incident occurs. But Paul’s dad is then named as his replacement. Now, Paul can finally play soccer again. So now he can play soccer but before he couldn’t and that all thanks to the sinkhole.

The book begins when Paul Fisher and his family (mom, dad, and Erik, his mean brother) move from Texas to Florida to a town called Tangerine. The problem is that one of a first born child getting all the attention of parents while the youngest is neglected. Erik is the shining star in his father’s eyes. The Erik Fisher Football Dream seems to be the goal of the family. Paul is a talented soccer player whose life takes a back seat to his brother’s. To add to the issue, Erik has something to do with his youngest brother’s vision problem. Only, nothing is ever said in the family to reveal what really happened.

The rising actions are During the time a sinkhole develops at Paul’s school, Paul transfers to Tangerine Middle School and plays on their soccer team, including a game against his former school, and Paul helps in the citrus groves, getting to know Luis. The things that happened in the climax are when Arthur hits Luis with the blackjack on the head that causes him to bleed and die. The falling action is when Luis is found dead and that night when Erik is getting his award, Tino and Victor show up and beat up Erik and Arthur for killing Luis Cruz.

This causes the audience to go into an uproar, while the rest of the football players tried to keep control. The problem was resolved after Paul assaults a coach at the football awards program. Paul runs away and heads home. When he encounters the gray subdivision wall behind his house where the words “Seagulls Suck” had been cleaned off, his flashbacks result in the reason his vision was so impaired. At that point, Paul no longer fears Erik, and helps to identify Erik and his friend Arthur as the cause of Luis Cruz’s death.

Erik’s true nature is unveiled to his father, and the neglect of his youngest son is driven home. I did like the book a lot because it has action, adventure, and mystery. I would recommend the book to all my friends and family and whoever like mystery and action. Its long but its really great. Like said before I would recommend it because it’s a really great and inspiring book and it teaches a good lesson. The things that I learned from the story are Honesty, Sports and privileged behavior, perseverance, family issues, overcoming obstacles, and facing your fear. The main idea of the story is that.

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